Sunday, March 4, 2012

Charlie's 3rd Birthday Party

I have the best family. For most of the time were were home from London in January, I was preoccupied with preschools, ordering things for our new flat and lots of other details. I had no time to plan a birthday party for Charlie. 

My sister Megan offered to throw him a party while we were visiting in Dallas, which just blew me away. My mom helped her plan it and it ended up being such an amazing party. Charlie and I both had a blast. A month later and he's still talking about it! 

We flew into Dallas on Friday and the party was the following day. When we woke up, there were some men setting this up in the back yard: 

When Charlie woke up and saw it, he was so excited! Megan took him out for some pre-party jumping in his PJs. It was pretty chilly out, but we couldn't get him to come in! He just wanted to keep jumping! 

So happy in the bounce house...
This is one of my favorite photos - Charlie and Aunt Megan had so much fun in the bounce house! As a side note, Megan said it is quite a good work out for your legs. :)
I felt so lucky to have so many Dallas friends come up to McKinney to the party. Some of these ladies I had not seen for a decade! We keep up with each other through our blogs and Facebook, but it was so much fun to see everyone in person and meet their kiddos.

 The party had a fireman theme since Charlie is quite obsessed with firemen. Megan even got him a special hat to wear that made siren sounds when you turned on the switch. I think we were all ready to run over this hat with one of the cars by the end of the party! 

In a shocking turn of events, towards the end of the party, MY DAD got in the bounce house to jump with Charlie! Uncle Bruce got in there too and the three of them jumped for a while. I loved it! 

Later, after the sun went down, the men came back to disassemble the bounce house. The next morning  Charlie came downstairs looking for the bounce house and just couldn't believe it wasn't still there! I think we told him the bounce house had to go rest somewhere else or something. At least, when he talks about the bounce house, he finishes by saying it had to go to sleep!

I feel so fortunate that with everything going on in our lives right now, Charlie was able to have such a fun birthday party. He still talks about it frequently, about how there was a bounce house and we had friends over! And we sang happy birthday Charlie! 

Thank you to Aunt Megan and Uncle Bruce, as well as Nana and PawPaw for throwing Charlie such an incredible party! And thank you to everyone in Dallas who made the drive so they could attend! It means the world to us. 

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