Monday, February 13, 2012

An Update

I have so much blogging to catch up on, but we've been in Dallas for an AWESOME 10 day visit with my family and have been so busy. It's been an incredible time.

My family threw Charlie a birthday party (definitely needs its own post) and we've gotten to see friends and family and have so much fun. My parents even babysat last night so I could meet some friends for dinner and go out with Megan and Bruce. Last night was the launch party for a web site Bruce has been working on called Central Track. If you live in Dallas, check it out.

I've also been filling the hump with delicious Texas-style food, inhaling tacos any chance I get. You'd think they didn't have food in London. But in all honesty, the UK isn't known for their food and there's a reason people. Hopefully I'm sick of tacos for now. Oh who am I kidding? I'm never sick of tacos!

Our flight is tomorrow night, direct from DFW to Heathrow. That will be nice, not having to connect. We arrive in London at 9:30 in the morning and are going to meet Brad at the new Afartment. He's been working so hard to get us moved in and Charlie's room set up. He also ordered some big, fat cable package so we'd have all the TV of home! No more iTunes downloads of kids' shows - I can have my laptop back from Charlie!

I'm sad to leave Dallas, but feeling better about going to London. Thanks to all my constructive worrying (not), things have mostly fallen into place. There's a crib, which Brad put together and a crib tent, which we've used here at my parent's house and is working like a charm. Knowing we can force some sleep out of Charlie is a huge weight off.

We did end up finding a preschool for Charlie. It's further away from our flat than I was hoping (it's in Notting Hill), but they have been so welcoming and helpful and I think it will be a wonderful place for Charlie. Having to put some more effort into getting him there is a small price to pay.

I'm still dreading the weather. Ugh. It snowed twice there while we were gone. I hope London has gotten the snow out of it's system because I don't want to see any of that business once we return! Which is strange because I actually love snow. You know, when I can watch it from inside while cooking and enjoying a fire and only have to be out in it voluntarily or in my car.

Our poor Ringo has to have surgery on his eye Tuesday. I am sick about not being here for it. I called a few times hoping for a cancellation so he could have it done before we left, but never got one. The house sitter is going to take him and take care of all of it for us. Ugh, poor Ringo. He gets so scared when he's not with Zoe.

Well I think that's it. Better get some sleep because it will be in short supply for a few days after tonight. Yay jet lag!