Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things Going On

This picture has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it was cute. Brad and Charlie, sitting up at the bar at The Warrington, the pub in our neighborhood in London. Until recently it was owned by Gordon Ramsey, but has apparently improved a lot since he sold it. Insert Kitchen Nightmare joke here. 

Anyways, Charlie is all about bar stools these days, since when he goes to have lunch with Brad in London, that's where they sit. At the bar. And this is okay in London. In fact, on this particular day, there were about 3 other kids crawling/toddling/mayhem-causing in the pub. 

But I digress. We are not in London. We are still in Richmond. Lovely Richmond with it's sunshine and 60 degrees today. Thank you Global Warming, I owe ya one! 

Brad went back to London on Saturday and we've heard from him sporadically. They are working him pretty hard right now while he tries to get over jet lag. This weekend he is moving all of our things to the New Afartment. 

I have started ordering things for Charlie's room and Brad is going to get it all decorated and cute and ready for him. We get there on Valentine's Day. So help me if he has to work until 4am that night like the last time we arrived in London. 

Charlie and I have fallen back into our routine here and it feels so nice. He is sleeping beautifully again, thanks to the Crib Tent, also known as the best $50 I have ever spent. He's enjoying preschool, is better rested and I am remembering why I love staying home with him. 

I was really questioning during our 2 months in London if I had what it took to stay home anymore. I was just so exhausted, had no patience and was constantly being tested by an overtired 2 year old. After over a year home with Charlie, it wasn't fun anymore. It just felt so hard. On more than one occasion I thought (or said to Brad) that I am not cut out for this, I need to just go back to work.

We get back here and what do you know - I love it again. This tells me something: routine is key and so is decent sleep. 

These two things tell me a couple of other things (are you keeping up here?): we need a routine with preschool (Mommy break) and we need a crib with a crib tent. In London. Without these, we are set up to fail.

The crib and crib tent are no problem. Ordered and on their way. And yes, I realize he is a bit old to be in the crib, but it is comforting to him, and I think we are doing enough major change right now. It is also a lot safer, because when he gets out of bed and sneaks past our room, dangerous trouble can ensue. It scares me to think about what could happen. So we will work on the transition to the bed at another, more sanity-filled time. 

Preschool on the other hand... well let's just say that thumping sound you hear in the background is me beating my head against the wall. 

I've got three I'm talking to, which are really our only options in our neighborhood. The others are small or booked for months or, how do you say, undesirable. Each of these three has, right after I'm convinced we've found our best option, emailed me to drop some sort of bomb that changes everything. 

One just casually mentioned today that they expect him to be potty trained. And if he's not, they'll see him in April instead after I potty train him. Because that should be easy, given all the other change in his life. 

Another told me they had availability now, but when pressed said they don't know, we'll have to talk to this person and it might be June. Maybe. We'll see. Oh and they are sure someone will get right back to me. Still waiting on that one. 

Our third option talked to me about morning preschool at length on the phone, but when I submitted the paperwork told me they only have 2.5 hour afternoon sessions (during his nap) and don't anticipate any morning availability. 

Thump, thump, thump.

One thing is for certain: I do not want to step foot in that country without preschool confirmed. Not that they (or anyone else but Brad, for that matter) care. But Brad is taking the tours next Friday and then we will decide what to do. I think going there in person will help. Trying to arrange it via email is not working out very well. 

That's enough on that rant. Just stresses me out.

We are heading to Dallas in week to visit my parents and sister. They are very thoughtfully throwing Charlie a little birthday party while we're there. Looking forward to seeing some friends, enjoying the nice weather and spending time with my fam. We're scheduled to go to London straight from DFW 10 days later.

I'm just kind of in denial that we're leaving in a week. I love being home so much! I don't wanna go! I'm going to try and locate my big girl panties by then and put them on. I really am planning on being more positive about all this London stuff soon. It's like a new year's resolution of mine. If preschool was settled and I knew we were covered, that would be a HUGE weight off. I wish that wasn't such a giant IF. 

Until we leave for Dallas we are just going to enjoy one more week of preschool, seeing friends, playing at our usual haunts and having fun staying home together. 

Here's another random shot. Charlie at the counter of the Brass Rail at Selfridges. They have some mean looking beef sandwiches there, I must try some time. We were just waiting around this time.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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