Sunday, January 22, 2012

The New Flat

Or as Charlie likes to call it, The Afartment.

I got photos of everything but the kitchen because Brad and the realtor were talking in there and I felt weird snapping a photo. It's a whole separate room. No open living plans here.

Now if you were me, what would you do to make this place cozy? Welcoming? A home away from home? All the little tchotchkes, decorative items, etc. will be gone - they are just leaving most of the furniture. We can rent furniture as well.

Debating moving the sofa out of the living room and putting a sectional in its place so there's a place to curl up and watch tv. The furniture is lovely here, but not very practical. There's nowhere to really curl up and watch a movie or read a book. That's the main thing that I've been thinking about because it was bothersome at the last place, too. We love our big fat obnoxious American sectional here at home. Soooo cozy.

They are also taking the bedding and we are bringing our own. Still picking out bedding for Charlie's room. There will be TRUCKS. Or dinosaurs. Perhaps a train. I can't decide. But not a silk bedspread, that's fo sho.

If anyone has thoughts, I'd love to hear them. You know, out of both of you who are still reading this blog because I so infrequently update it!!

Living room...
 Dining room...
 Master bath, but no shower, so let's just call it Charlie's bath....
 Hall bath, thankfully with a shower
 Twin beds in Charlie's room

Charlie pretending to go to sleep in his new room. That was more effort than he ever put into going to sleep at the other flat, so I'm hopeful that's a good sign!


suzie said...

are they leaving the liquor cabinet? :) we have the transportation bedding from land of nod and it was a HUGE hit with will. i mean, HUGE. we just used plain colored sheets and got the quilt and sham covers and he just loves it. highly recommend it! i hope the next trip is much easier than the first - i am sure that is a tough transition!

Lindsay H said...

It needs COLOR! Maybe you and Charlie can do some collages or paintings to frame. You can also frame swatches of cloth. Add rugs. Throw pillows. Flowers. Colored wine glasses and plates in the china cabinet.