Saturday, December 3, 2011

Winter Wonderland

I am so behind on blogging. I have about 5 posts floating around in my head, but unfortunately also have about 5 different kiddie Christmas specials downloaded on my laptop, so Charlie's been hogging it. Also see earlier posts re: no napping and not wanting to go to bed. I finally have things to blog about and can't get any blogging done! Oh cruel irony!

But anyways. Each year at Christmas here in London, there is a carnival called Winter Wonderland that is put on in Hyde Park. It's a pretty major carnival - almost small amusement park sized. And really cuted up; reminds me a bit of Busch Gardens.

Charlie got to go to Winter Wonderland twice last weekend. Brad took him on Saturday morning while giving me a much needed break. Then I was so jealous I missed it, we all went back on Sunday.

There were a bunch of kiddie rides, all of which Charlie enjoyed. He wants to pick out his vehicle and then pretend to drive it. He got to do an airplane, motorcycle, double decker bus and Coca Cola truck. In other words, he was hot stuff.

There was a Santa that I thought we could go see, but by the time I checked it, the line was insanely long. So we blew it off. Here he is Father Christmas and you visit him in his grotto. I'm not sure about the elves, but for some reason "Santa's helpers" are dressed up as Christmas puddings around the grotto. Basically a big brown ball wearing a Santa hat. I'll just let you draw your own conclusion about what that looks like when you're not used to it.

On Saturday, Charlie also got to ride the big ferris wheel with Daddy while enjoying an excessively large lollipop. Between this and the binky, our future pediatric dentist is very disappointed in us.

From the photos, I can't tell if Charlie really knew he was in a ferris wheel, or if it was just a seat from which to enjoy a giant lollipop. Now when he asks me to ride a ferris wheel, is he really asking for a lollipop?? Not sure.

There was all kinds of yummy fair food from all over the world. We had some bratwurst and weinerschnitzel on a bun. About every 10 feet was a stand selling Belgian waffles covered in nutella. That is a huge thing here - I see someone selling it every time we are somewhere with street food. The British are serious about their nutella. Very popular in crepes, as well.

After we ate and it was clear Charlie was getting tired, we decided to throw all our tickets at a ride all 3 of us could ride. I don't know how to explain it, so here's a picture:

I remember there was an indoor version of this at Six Flags when I used to go with my dad as a kid. Anyways, I didn't recall it being that fast and there was a booth with a DJ playing music while you road, so I thought it would be fun.

To summarize, it was VERY fast, the DJ would only let about 15 seconds of any song play before yelling out something in German and switching songs, and we were both shocked Charlie wasn't scared. He laughed the whole time, except when they had to stop the ride to let a much older girl off (wimp). Then he just got impatient for it to start up again. I think we have a roller coaster fan on our hands! 

Since I almost never include pictures of us, here is some proof we were actually there, watching over our child and buying him tickets and fried food and stuff. I like to call this smile my "Brad quit catching me off guard with your camera" smile. Smirk?

Last night Brad and I had a babysitter and headed back to Winter Wonderland to enjoy it adult-style. We found out that we are not very carnival-compatible. I wanted to ride scary rides and Brad wanted to check out the various bars and live music. By live music, I mean these strange one person music shows in each of the larger pop up bars.

In the end, I was only able to talk him into one scary ride before they shut the place down. Probably not very nice to do to someone with a fear of heights. It was SO FUN though! And here in a few years I think Charlie will ride all the roller coasters I can handle. And then some. :)