Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meet Bad Guy

Some time during the flight over from the states, Person acquired a nemesis. A blond haired nemesis.

Since Charlie likes Person so much, I picked up a few more Playmobil characters for him to unwrap and play with on the plane when we flew to England. Ironically, I think Bad Guy came with some police gear and is a cop.

I have no idea where Charlie even picked up the concept of the bad guy, but now Bad Guy holds just as significant a presence in our lives as Person. He must be located before bed time, he has to take a bath, etc.

Incidentally, on Sunday we were shopping (aka *trying to shop*) on Oxford Street and Regent Street and decided to take Charlie to Hamley's, which is a 6 story toy store. On a weekend right before Christmas. Yeah, brilliant.

Anyways, we got to one of the floors, I don't remember which, and they had a HUGE collection of Playmobil stuff. Brad was carrying Charlie and his eyes got very wide and he said, in complete awe, "Persons!".... so very many persons.

I guess he didn't see any with blond hair because I didn't hear him exclaim about all the bad guys.

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