Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How We're Doing

We are sick. And by "we" I mean Brad and me, though Charlie might be sick too and just not showing it too much. Sightseeing obviously came to an abrupt screeching halt. Actually any major activity other than working for Brad and keeping Charlie busy for me stopped this week.

Tomorrow it will have been one week since I started feeling bad and I'm just almost feeling better, though not 100%. It's been a tough illness to shake. Brad and I both went to see a private doctor this week to get antibiotics. Yay for the zpack! I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia and Brad with his asthma-y lungs isn't doing any walking - just pneumonia, though it is improving.

The timing stinks, though, because we had to miss Brad's office Christmas party and I'd been planning my outfit for weeks. I need to find somewhere to wear this cute dress I found, and there are practically no holiday parties going on in the states anymore. Such a bummer. We're keeping it low key this weekend so Brad is rested to get back to work on Monday.

We did make it out for a while today to go the London Eye, the largest Ferris wheel in Europe, though! My family sent tickets as a special Christmas treat and we had a blast. It's definitely getting its own post because we took a ton of pictures.

We're getting ready to spend Christmas here, just our little family. We bought a tree last weekend and had it delivered. It's much bigger than I thought we would get - it's a 6 footer. Now I'm trying to decorate it without any of our decorations!

I made some garland out of popcorn and cranberries. We put lights on it. Bows, paper snowflakes.... yeah, after that I'm out of ideas. I'm going to buy a couple meters (not yards!) of fabric to bunch under there as an impromptu skirt, then take the fabric home and do something else with it.

I'm trying to plan Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals. Probably go out for one and do the other at home. I have very limited supplies in this kitchen, so I'm either going to raid Kristen's kitchen while she's out of town (hi Kristen!) or hit up a kitchen supply store.

My dad is helping me find some good recipes. While we are low on kitchen equipment, I think I can find just about any type of meat or fish or ingredient you can think of. There's a fantastic butcher nearby who has wild game and everything. Oh the possibilities!

We're trying to decide what to get Charlie for Christmas this year. We are going to see Santa at Selfridge's department store this Wednesday and it will be interesting to hear what he tells Santa he wants - if anything. He freaked out last year, but seems to get who Santa is this year. Except that everyone here keeps calling him Father Christmas!

Thanks to those of you who emailed me book ideas for Charlie! I was able to get some, though some of the American authored books cost twice as much here, so I went with some British books too. He's enjoying the Judith Kerr books, especially Mog the Cat. I just ordered Mog's Christmas. I'll always be able to remember which of his books we bought here since they call their moms MUMMY! ha

Charlie is still having a rough time sleeping and has had some night terrors. He won't nap and is basically exhausted. Night-mare. He was up 3 times last night. We've finally just come to the conclusion that he hates his room here and just doesn't feel settled. He doesn't want to go in his room at all, refuses to during the day and fights it at night. It doesn't help that he can get out of his crib. He loves his room at home and I hope hope hope he falls back into his routine when we get back.

I guess that's about all that's going on here! It got VERY painfully cold here this past week and so we are going to buy warmer coats tomorrow. I want something puffy with down in it. It's so cold it hurts to be outside at night. My Texas-raised blood can't take it!

Hope you all have a good weekend!

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Lindsay said...

Soo sorry you have been feeling so badly! I've been thinking about you a lot. I'm super-impressed with how you are doing over there. It's can't be easy, but I think you're a rock star for making it happen!