Friday, November 25, 2011

A Very Non Thanksgiving

Well, after yesterday, I can say that there is nothing that makes you more grateful for your family and friends than missing the heck out of them! I feel very fortunate that we are getting this time here in London, but yesterday was HARD. I was really missing my family, who were all together at my parent's house in McKinney. We did get to do some video chatting, though, and that cheered me up immensely.

It was kind of a strange day. Since I'm trying to get a few toys around here for Charlie to play with, I decided we would hit up this kid's consignment shop in Notting Hill that someone told me had lots of toys. As a bonus, Kristen showed me the most incredible cupcake shop there, called Hummingbird, and I thought we could get some of those.

The best way to get there is the bus since the tube route is so convoluted, so I got it all figured out on my computer, which bus to take, which stop, etc.

Then we walked over and got on the bus going the wrong direction! Yes folks, I am bus-stupid. Advanced college degrees and certifications have no bearing on my ability to decipher the bus system here. Not my proudest moment.

Fortunately it took me a while to figure it out and we had passed several shady areas and landed in a somewhat cute high street. We got off the bus to take the one going in the other direction and I looked around and thought we'll just hang out here!

I asked Charlie what he wanted for lunch and he said a cheeseburger. What an American request on Thanksgiving! We went to this place called Gourmet Burger Bar, which is exactly as it sounds, and had burgers, fries and a chocolate milkshake.

There were several charity shops around, pretty light on toys, but we did manage to score a giant bag of Mega Blocks, a puzzle and some books. The puzzle and two of the books are Postman Pat, which my mother-in-law Sue used to buy here for my sister-in-law Clare. Did you catch that? Anyways, it's a very British character.

Some woman stopped me in the store and pointed to the Mega Blocks and asked if I knew what I was buying because they go everywhere. Isn't that funny? Yes, they are toys and he is two so things do tend to go everywhere!

I also found a DVD of Christmas Vacation, which I plan to watch this weekend. That's a Crain family Thanksgiving tradition - time to bust out some of Chevy Chase's best work.

On the bus on the way back I noticed that Charlie's sippy cup had leaked all over my bag and soaked my iPhone. It is finally powering up but the screen is very dark - I can barely see the buttons. Such a bummer - I hope it will finish drying out and start working again!!

When we got home I attempted to make a reservation for a Thanksgiving dinner, since Brad said he could leave the office at 6. There were two restaurants nearby doing the whole turkey thing, but sadly both were booked solid. We ended up going out for some awesome Italian food. Fresh pasta and gnocchi and foccacia and prosciutto. And wine. Ok and gelato.

We will get our turkey fix on Saturday night. We've been invited to a dinner party to celebrate Thanksgiving. I'm making green bean bundles for 23 people!! That's a lot of bacon and butter. The dinner is kids-free, which is awesome, this mama needs a break and Charlie has grown quite fond of his babysitter here.

Anyways, thought I was past the hard stuff until my iPad told me the A&M score this morning and I felt sick to my stomach. What an annoying, horrible loss. UGH. Do we need to switch out coaching staff at half time??? Geez. My dad already had his A&M shirt on when we talked yesterday and I bet he yelled his head off at the TV!

Arkansas has a big game tonight against LSU. Go Hogs! Please win and perk up my week!!!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go waddle off all the Italian food I ate last night and head towards a bus stop going in the CORRECT direction. lol

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