Thursday, November 10, 2011

Playing in the Leaves

Ever since we watched Charlie Brown's Halloween special 46 times, Charlie has been looking for piles of leaves to play in. While walking through Grosvenor Park near the U.S. Embassy last Sunday, he finally got his chance. He rain through piles of leaves, threw them up in the air and had so much fun. We had a tough time convincing him to leave! 


I have to give London props for their great parks. This was really just a square in a busy area, but they are everywhere and provide lots of room for running around. Where we live there are really nice parks with beautiful equipment and rubber ground cover so kids don't slip in the rain. They are very friendly places - I end up talking to another mom or nanny every time I go.

I've taken Charlie to play in a park almost every day we've been here. I learned our second day here that if there is a puddle in the park, Charlie is going to jump in it! His sneakers were soaked for 3 days after our first trip.

I just took him this morning to get fitted for some bright red wellies, which will come in tomorrow. Unlike the cheap, clunky Target rain boots I got him in Richmond, I think he should be able to actually run and play in these. If it gets really cold or snows, I can just get him some wool inserts to keep his feet warm. I really kind of wanting some myself!!

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