Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Today was not my most productive day. In fact, it was kind of a hang around the house in jammies day until early afternoon. Mainly because I actually went out last night with other grown ups, had adult conversation, too much wine and stayed up way too late! It was so much fun. 

We went with 4 other couples to this incredibly awesome hole in the wall Greek restaurant, where they just keep bringing food and wine until you can't take anymore. It was 8 courses long and the best Greek food I think I've ever had. A pleasant surprise considering how sketchy this place looks from the outside - windows covered in old fabric, run down exterior, the sense that you just walked into someones house when you come in the door - not a business. 

The people we went with are so much fun and I haven't laughed that much in a while. We were loud and obnoxious and I would guess pretty annoying if you were sitting at one of the other 4 or 5 tables. It was a blast.... that we all paid for this morning. Some of us earlier than others, depending on how old the children were. 

We had a wonderful sitter come and stay with Charlie when we were out. I met her at the park on our second day here. She's from Pennsylvania and babysits for some other families in our neighborhood. She couldn't be any sweeter. 

After we met at the park she sent me her babysitting resume. That's apparently what they do here, but it was my first time to receive a resume from a babysitter. I think she's looking for a full time nanny position, but I will happily have her come babysit until she finds one! She's coming back next weekend so Brad and I can go out to dinner. 

Brad had to head into work for a while yesterday and today, so Munchkin and I have been having our own little adventures this weekend. Yesterday we walked to the shops in a nearby neighborhood, St. John's Wood. I've recently learned that a street of shops like that is called a High Street. Did you know that? I am probably the only person who did not.

Anyways, we had been over there Thursday with my friend Kristen and her son (also named Charlie) and I found my Charlie the cutest little red Hunter wellies. They had to order his size and they came in Friday. so we picked up his shoes and ran a few other errands and had a nice walk in the sunshine.

Today I just kept downloading episodes of Super Why on iTunes until I could no longer justify not leaving the house in the beautiful weather. We walked over to a coffee shop and then went to the private garden that our building backs up to. It's a very long, kind of narrow space - the same area where the bonfire was held.
Charlie played at the playground there for a bit but had his eye on the other kids' bikes and scooters. Besides our building, there are many single family homes that back up to the garden, so these were the resident kids. I feel bad telling him no when he starts heading for another child's toy. There was a somewhat abandoned tricycle sitting there the whole time we were at the playground, so I let him play with that for a while.

I am dying to get Charlie one of the little lightweight scooters all the kids have here. They are from this Swiss company called Micro Scooter and they make a model for 3 to 5 year olds. Once kids here grow out of the stroller they typically ride their scooters to keep up with their parents on the streets. At least once a day, Charlie tries to steal a Mini Micro - they are EVERYWHERE. They are just lined up outside the preschools, waiting for their little owners to finish class. I'm trying to convince Brad we *need* one.

Anyways, it was a gorgeous day here. I think we have a beautiful week in store before it starts raining every day.

After our visit to the garden, we headed over to celebrate a very special boy's first birthday. This is little Charlie - our friends' Kristen and Jason's son. Charles is a family name in Kristen's family as well. 
He wasn't too big on the cupcake, but took several steps in the living room while we all cheered. Party attendees were either exhausted from our big night out or under the age of 5. It was a nice gathering, but we were all a bit short on interesting conversation! 

After we left the birthday party we decided to walk and grab some dinner somewhere. We hit up The Elgin, which is a bar and grill nearby. We discovered they have movies for the kids upstairs on Sunday nights, so we ordered food and watched some of Kung Fu Panda 2. There were a couple older kids there that Charlie loved going over to talk to. They were very sweet and would just smile and nod if they couldn't understand him. 

We met some very nice people at the bar, one of whom invited Brad to play soccer. Everywhere we go here in London it seems like we meet someone new who is just so friendly. It's like Pleasantville with accents. It's very easy to just settle in and feel right at home when people are so nice. Even in Richmond, which I consider very friendly, I've never experienced anything quite like it. I don't know if it's this particular neighborhood or London in general. I'll keep you posted. 

So that was kind of our weekend. Brad has a busy work week ahead and Charlie and I are going to make the most of the beautiful weather. Have a good week!

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