Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Charlie had a very fun and candy-filled Halloween! Mostly candy filled because I didn't realize he knew how to open the little packages the candy came in. So he ate a bunch after we went trick or treating and before I knew it, we had a raging sugar high on our hands!

Anyways, the day started with his preschool Halloween party. The parents were invited to at 11 so I showed up after more pre-London errands. I was in charge of the sweet treat and made rice crispy squares with orange and brown sprinkles. I found the idea on Pinterest, natch. They were a hit.

The funny thing about preschool, is that while Charlie loves it, when I arrive, he is ready to get the heck out of there. I showed up to read to the class a couple of weeks ago and he actually didn't like that very much at all. Yesterday I showed up for the party and he spent the entire time trying to grab his bag and my hand and get out the door! He got rather fussy about it.

He wouldn't wear his costume - might have just been too hot, though. And he didn't want any food or juice. That's pretty normal lately. My little eater doesn't want to eat anything anymore. He did have a rice crispy treat on the way home, though. And then refused all lunch. (I can barely get his pants to stay up as they are! He can't get any skinnier!)

After the preschool party we came home and he took a long and much-needed nap. He's still coughing and seems more tired than usual to me. He woke up right before it was time for our neighborhood potluck that we have before trick or treating.

Charlie's Didi and Papa came from Williamsburg for the evening, which was a huge help without Brad here. Papa passed out candy to all the trick or treaters and Didi helped me keep an eye on Charlie at the potluck and take him trick or treating. In the pouring rain.

The potluck was fun - there were lots of ride on toys for the kids to play on and delicious chili, mac n' cheese and apple brandy cider for dinner. It was overcast and chilly and I was glad Charlie had a thick costume to keep him warm.

Unfortunately, about 5 minutes before we were leaving to trick or treat, a very cold rain started to fall. Like, brutal, bone chilling cold. It was miserable. We kept Charlie and his friend Owen in the double Bob, covered up, but the rest of us were just wet and wishing it would stop. We hit about 4 houses and called it a night. The rain never really did let up.

Such a bummer, I bet a lot of my neighbors ended up with tons of extra candy because trick or treating is huge here. I managed to get rid of most of ours, but only because I was dumping tons of it in the bags of the preteens and teens who will trick or treat no matter what the weather!

Charlie didn't want to leave Owen after we decided trick or treating was done for the night, so we promised him another round of Charlie Brown Halloween on TV. It was nice to sit in front of the fire and warm up. After a while the dogs didn't even freak out when we got trick or treaters! I probably could have sent them out to walk with some of them - all the older kids commented on the dogs.

Our last trick or treater was Charlie's friend Hayden from up the street. He and his dad came by and while we were talking, Charlie and Hayden got themselves nice and cozy on the sofa with Charlie Brown on TV and started eating candy! It was pretty funny.

With his sugar high, I couldn't get Charlie to go to bed until late. We called his Nana and talked to her for a bit and he wanted to look at tons of books. Eventually he crashed, though and walked directly over to the crib and started to crawl in. Pretty sure he was out within a minute of putting him in there!

Now the hard part will be convincing Charlie that Halloween is over! Time to pull out the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special, which I bought yesterday, and focus on a new holiday! Even though we will be in London, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving with our friends.

Speaking of London, we were supposed to leave today, but due to a mixup on the flights, are leaving tomorrow. I'm kind of relieved - I was very nervous trying to get ready to go after such a busy day yesterday. One more day to get ready - phew!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!

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