Saturday, October 22, 2011

Yo Gabba Gabba

A few days ago I found some $15 tickets to Yo Gabba Gabba Live on Travelzoo and decided to spring for them. I knew the show was coming to Richmond, but I wasn't sure if Charlie would like it or even sit through the entire thing, so full price tickets seemed like a gamble. I'm glad I went for it because he LOVED it!

We went to the 2pm show today and sat on the balcony. The show wasn't anywhere near sold out - hence the $15 ticket offer - so we were even able to move down from our nosebleed seats to the front of the balcony. Apart from one mom who liked to stand up and dance, there was nothing blocking our view.

It was a loud, high energy show and the performers encouraged the kids (and apparently that one mom in front of us) to stand up and dance. Charlie had a big smile on his face for a lot of the show and did quite a bit of dancing in front of his seat! The rest of the time he sat mesmerized. Or maybe just tired - the show was during his nap time. 

Biz Markie actually made an appearance at the show, which was a nice surprise. That was probably my favorite part. He did his Beat of the Day, of course, but also brought some kids on stage to help and do their version of the Beat. Then he mixed some tunes and everyone danced. It was great. 

After the show I offered to get Charlie a t-shirt, which he got excited about. He immediately picked a blue shirt with Muno on it and wanted to carry it back to the car himself. When we got close to the car, he asked if he could put it on. So we put it on him and he wore it home, passed out cold in his car seat. Tonight when it was time to change into jammies, he didn't want to take it off, so he's now sleeping in his Muno shirt.

Overall it was a great experience and I'd take him again in a heartbeat. He's really missing his daddy right now and it was nice to do something special for him. 

Even though he pointed out all the characters, did the dances and knew the songs, he didn't want to watch the show when we got home. He's really stuck on Super Why right now. When does their tour come to town???

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Megan Willis said...

So sweet and cute! I bet Charlie loved the show! Mom and I showed Margaret multiple videos of Charlie last night and recited every word with him. She got a kick out of it like we do :) Love y'all!