Saturday, October 8, 2011

State of the Spooners

Time for an update in my favorite format - bullets!

  • Brad found out last week that he's going to be in London for 3 months. We knew that was possible, but wow. I've been spending most of my free time making arrangements so we can go over and join him. Looking for a house sitter to watch the house and dogs, expediting a passport for Charlie, figuring out flights and finding a corporate apartment. Pardon me, a FLAT. It's all taking longer then I would care for it to.
  • Despite the stress of making it happen, we are really looking forward to all being together over there and getting to check out London for such a long period of time. Our former neighbors/good friends have been living there for a year and a half, so we are going to get to spend time with them, meet all their nice friends and have the advantage of advice from people very familiar with London. They're also going to be in town for Thanksgiving, so we get to see how ex-pats celebrate!
  • It sounds like Brad is finally getting his bearings after almost 2 weeks there. It was all such a whirlwind when he left - finding out Monday he was leaving Tuesday for who knows how long. But he's getting to know the team and even found some fellow Razorback fans last weekend to watch the game with. What are the chances? 
  • Right now we're planning to be back in town in time to celebrate Christmas in Richmond - probably our last. Sniff. I love decorating this house for Christmas so I am going nuts this year. Charlie and I will probably get home a couple of weeks before Brad, who will come home right before the holiday. I know he'll be heartbroken to miss me on a home decor streak.
  • Until we get the details figured out, Charlie and I are just trying to keep busy and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. I don't think at this age Charlie is too aware of time, but he definitely knows Daddy should have been home by now. Sometimes, he is rather put out with Brad for being gone. I can't wait to see their reunion. 
  • Tomorrow we're going with a bunch of friends to Carter Mountain to pick apples. I've never been, so I think it will be fun. The orchard is in Charlottesville. I've already pinned a ton of apple recipes on Pinterest. There will also be apple cider donuts involved. YUM.
  • Charlie absolutely loves preschool. He has his little friend Grayson there and they are both very talkative and talk about each other. It sounds like they've been having a blast playing together in the sand box and with all the trucks. 
  • Separation anxiety is a thing of the past - Charlie doesn't bat an eye when I drop him off. He's also quit crying when babysitters arrive. Especially his favorite sitter, who is back for her sophomore year at University of Richmond. He's affectionately given her the same nickname as my sister - Mimi. 
  • I no longer think Charlie thinks the babysitter is the real Mimi - I think it is merely a term of endearment. Like how he named his little stuffed deer Odie after my mom's dog. And he calls his lovie Bobo, after our dog. He definitely knows when it's the real Mimi - he has a more excited reaction to her. 
  • I wish I could post about all the awesome books I've been reading, but they are sitting on my nightstand getting dusty. All thanks to Pinterest. I mean, somebody please stop me, as I can not stop myself. I have been cooking a lot of recipes and doing some of the crafts and decor things I've found on the site - all to varying levels of success. But still. Pick up a book Kara. Lay down the iPad.
  • My mother in law Hope (Charlie's Gram) sent him a very cute cup and plate set that he started using yesterday. The cup is a child's cup, kind of like a coffee cup, and Charlie thinks he is hot stuff when I let him drink out of it. No sippy cup for this big kid, thank you very much. He tells me he's drinking his coffee and yuuuummmmmy. I'm hoping I can catch him doing it when we call her to thank her - she would get a big kick out of that! 
  • I've started going to yoga to get back in shape after my back pain and I am loving it. I'm surprised, I've tried it many different times before and it didn't take. It feels great and I'm really coming out of all this back pain, which is amazing. I was pretty much out for the count for 9 months. I'm also adding in more core work, which I need desperately. 
  • I can still hear Charlie talking in his crib an hour and a half after I put him down. I think he is trying his best to be tired and grouchy for apple picking tomorrow. At this rate, I will be asleep before he is. It's my punishment for keeping him up too late last night grilling out with friends across the street. 
On that note I'm going to sign off. REALLY hoping A&M can hold on to this lead over Tech. Every time I check the score I feel nervous. It's not on TV here - but Iowa St./Baylor is. I mean, really?

Ok, night night everyone! 


Katie said...

Please pack me up in your suitcase for London. I promise to take lots of pictures. ;)

And I always love logging on to see what you've pinned! So, make reading a goal for 2012 and keep pinning!

Lindsay said...

Sounds like a stressful situation, but with a great adventure on the end! Can't wait to read all about it!

I'm always telling Bryan that if I have to move overseas for him, I'm going to need a slingbox. Look into it - no need to thank me!

And please stay active on Pinterest. Love me some Kara pins.