Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

Sunday we went with some of our neighbors out to Ashland Berry Farm to pick pumpkins. Like literally pick them. From a vine. Before we went, I thought picking pumpkins meant, like, pick them UP. And pay for them. 

To defend my ignorance: before we had Charlie, we didn't really think about going somewhere cute for the experience of picking pumpkins. We were more focused on what Halloween party we would be staying out at all night. Or what kind of wine to drink while passing out candy. The past two years we've avoided the crowds because Charlie was so young. This was the year! And Brad is of course in London. Boo.

So I took Charlie and we had so much fun! It was chilly and rainy and wet, but we were with fun people and had a great time. There were also donuts - homemade, warm donuts. They were life changing. 

Charlie was very excited when we got there, but there was too much to check out to stop for any happy dance. He loved this fountain, which was scenically placed by the wall-o-portapotties. He actually tried to walk over the flowers and get IN the fountain. 

He also loved all the tiny decorative pumpkins they had near the entrance and carried the little white one around all day. This is Charlie with his good friend Owen who lives across the street. They are two peas in a pod these days.

We had to wait a while in line in the rain for the hayride, but did I mention the donuts? Charlie loved the hayride and smiled the whole time. There was even a little dachshund riding with us. The hayride consists of two trailers full of hay hitched up to a tractor. And tractors, you might remember from Touch a Truck, are EXCITING. This one even got stuck in the mud. 

When we got out to the field Charlie had a great time picking out pumpkins for me to get for him and then wanting nothing to do with them. I hear there are pumpkin shortages around the U.S., but not in Virginia! I could have brought a dozen home, there were so many beautiful ones. Unfortunately, I only have so many hands and no Bradford to help. I got 4 home and that was with Owen's dad's help! Charlie just continued to clutch his little white pumpkin.

On the way back we got to ride in the hay with a great dane! After the excitement from that wore off, Charlie laid down on me and closed his eyes. He was getting worn out and hungry. It was sweet. Of course, 5 minutes later he wanted to jump off the back of the tractor and told me to let go of him. Kid has no fear. He was extremely irritated with me for saying no.

He seemed to perk up when we got back from the field, though, and rode around with his friends on a pumpkin  cart. Owen has a fairly new baby sister and is having some sibling rivalry. I love that he's pouting in this picture - I just picture him telling Charlie, no matter what you do, DO NOT get a little sister!!

It warmed up a tad and we sat outside and had a hot dog. A bee came by and I was swatting it and telling it to go away, which Charlie thought was hilarious. He started imitating me and laughing his little head off. He laughed so hard he got the hiccups! So now both my husband AND my son like to make fun of me. Great.

So we had a great time but were missing Brad quite a bit. We called him on the way home and told him all about it.

Brad asked on the call if I told Charlie that Arkansas won their football game on Saturday. I told him NO, I told him A&M lost. What does he take me for??? I'm only a Razorback fan when they aren't playing the Aggies. Also: what is going on with the team at half time that they can't seem to play the second half???

ANYWAYS. It was an action-packed, fun weekend and oh my gosh, what are we going to do this coming weekend? Brad still won't be back, but that's for another post.

Well I must run and find spots around the house for all the tiny white pumpkins we ended up buying!

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