Friday, October 28, 2011

Mad Dash

This poodle is the opposite of a mad dash. He's more like a slow do nothing.
Unrelated: this is usually the view I wake up to in the morning when Brad is out of town.

Phew, what a week getting ready to leave for London. I am beat. We had apartment drama at the beginning of the week, thinking the place we'd planned on staying was no longer available. But that got worked out and now we have a lovely apartment just a block away from our very good friends and former neighbors. It is going to be so much fun being close to them while we are visiting.

But I didn't get to enjoy that relief for too long before there was all this panic over Charlie's passport. We are using one of those expediting services so I wouldn't have to take Charlie up to DC. What should have been a very simple process was made a lot more complicated by none of our area post offices wanting to take 5 minutes to process the application.

They all operate by appointment, but had none available until after our departure date. Not to mention that most postal workers I spoke to were just rude and unhelpful. I kind of hate the USPS. Anyways,  I was beginning to lose hope as I called office after office, but FINALLY found one that could fit us in and it wasn't too bad of a drive to get there. I was so relieved to get that package shipped off at FedEx.

We used to process his passport and they've been really great. Charlie's passport was issued today and it's been FedExed to us. We'll have it first thing Monday morning. If you ever need something like that, I'd recommend them. There are so many of those types of services, it's hard to know who is actually reliable and who is going to scam you.

I spent today running around getting errands done while the babysitter stayed with Charlie. I had my check up at the dermatologist and thankfully only had to get one mole removed - on my arm. I'll have biopsy results on that next week but she wasn't too concerned. It sure does hurt, though. The rest of the errands were insignificant - Target, hair cut, etc. It was sleeting on the way home. I'm so relieve we aren't getting snow here. I'm just not mentally prepared for that!

And now.... Charlie has a horrible cough. Our babysitter said it sounded like an adult's cough to her. And as I sit here listening to him coughing in his crib, I have to agree. I tried to give him some Benadryl and he spit most of it up. He's very anti-medicine lately and cries if he has to take it. Anyone know of any good tricks for that? I have the humidifier cranked up and we're doing breathing treatments. I have to get him feeling better before we leave on Tuesday.

I'm starting to get REALLY nervous about the flights. I'm so excited to go, but that excitement is really pushed back in my mind until I get through these flights with Charlie. Brad upgraded us to business class and the seats lay almost flat so I hope Charlie will sleep some. Even if I was doing this trip alone it would be exhausting. That's probably the scariest part to me. How can I handle it with him, too? AGGGHH

When I was a kid and we took long trips, my mom would wrap up little gifts for us to open each hour. It made the time pass because we had the anticipation of a present, unwrapping it and playing with it, all to kill time. I am doing the same thing with Charlie and really, truly hope I found some things that will keep him busy. I also ordered some new DVDs for the portable player because he is all about Super Why these days. I will optimistically pack a book and hope he is occupied enough to get a little reading done!

Packing is the other thing I need to do - it is going to be ugly. I've never been good at minimizing what I pack. Well, I was pretty good when we went to Italy, but I spent most of the trip wishing I'd packed other things. We're going to be in the same outfits a lot. I'm also taking Brad some more casual clothes so he can stop wearing the same 2 outfits each weekend! I had to get Charlie some new stuff, mostly pants - he is still getting taller and all his pants are too short! I still need to find him some mittens. Where do I go for that?

Well he is coughing almost constantly now. I think I better get him up for another breathing treatment. Poor little guy. We are supposed to go to Charlottesville in the morning to see my sister in law, so I hope he is up to it. It's also supposed to snow tonight in Charlottesville! Crazy. I guess we'll see. I hope we can go.

Happy Halloween Weekend everyone!

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