Wednesday, October 19, 2011

London Update

I just wrote most of a blog entry only for Blogger to lose it and have no recollection what I was talking about. Ugh. Good thing I can't sleep, might was well type it out again! 

I am not sleeping because I am sooooo excited about going to London! Things are finally starting to move along and I think we should be there 2 weeks from today! Or... tomorrow I guess. In my mind, I just completely gloss over that whole 11-hours-flying-time-with-a-two-year-old thing. We just magically arrive with no jet lag and it's fabulous!

We have found a wonderful house sitter to look after our house and puppies and are close to booking the corporate apartment and our plane tickets. I'll post more on our apartment and location after it's finalized. All that will be left is getting Charlie's passport. That part makes me very nervous. It is, after all, our federal government. Who knows what might/can/will go wrong. 

I'm trying not to think about how if I'd just applied for an expedited passport for Charlie right after Brad left, we'd be close to getting it at this point. I thought for sure we'd be in London by now. Everything takes so much longer than anticipated. 

We probably could go a bit earlier, but we decided to wait and let Charlie enjoy his Halloween here before we go. He has a preschool party that day and we have a neighborhood party to go to the Saturday night before. And trick or treating in our neighborhood is a big deal - lots of people out and about and tables set up for block parties. 

Charlie is actually excited about Halloween this year, loves trying on his costume and can't wait to trick or treat. I'm sad Brad has to miss it. But we just decided we will have to make up for it once we get over there and the trip is really going to be a neat experience for our family. In other words, worth the sacrifice in the long run. 

So until we go, I'm keeping Charlie (and myself) very busy. He is well past the point of recognizing, with his age-limited concept of time, that Daddy should have been home by now.  He's still the same happy kid, but I know he misses his daddy and he brings him up pretty frequently. He likes putting on Brad's shoes and sitting in his car. He talks about going to find fire trucks and go carts (like on our beach trip) with Daddy. It's going to be so neat to see their reunion. 

Well, got to get up in a few to get Charlie to preschool and myself to Starbucks, Target and yoga class. I'm going to try and NOT think about London so I can sleep! 

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