Sunday, October 23, 2011

Apple Recipes

I did it - I finished off all the apples we brought home from Carter Mountain Orchard! Granted, I did push some of them off on my MIL Sue, but I cooked a majority of them! I thought I'd share the recipes in case you find yourself in possession of an obscene number of apples.

In a first for me, I made a homemade pie crust for apple pie. Actually I've made 3. They aren't much to look at, but they taste good. The dough is so soft by the time I'm sealing up the pie that my edges are kind of messy. Or rustic, if you will.

I followed this pie tutorial that the Pioneer Woman posted on her site. I have no idea where to locate leaf lard, so my crusts were all butter.

While the pies turned out great, the recipe doesn't quite work for me - it always takes me at least twice as much water as she specifies - but it sure does taste good. Now that I've learned this parchment paper technique to rolling out dough, I may try another recipe and see if it works better. Overall, though, two thumbs up. Apple Pie. YUM.

I also made some mini apple crisps in ramekins, which are nice for single serving desserts. I follow the Barefoot Contessa's recipe for Apple Crisp but just bake them in the ramekins instead of an oval baking dish.

I actually keep a batch of the crumble topping in a zip lock bag in the freezer all the time and pull it out to make crumbles with frozen berries, apples, pears/cranberries, you name it. Very quick. My favorite is probably blackberries and frozen berries work just as well.

I personally think you can cut the amount of butter in half in this recipe and it still tastes incredible. She tends to overdo it sometimes with the butter.

I made homemade applesauce for the first time and I don't think I'll ever be able to eat jarred applesauce again. It was incredibly good. I like a chunky applesauce so just took my stick blender and pulsed it a bit after the apples cooked down and cooled until it was a nice chunky consistency.

I followed this recipe, but all applesauce recipes seem similar, so you can't really go wrong. I used 4 different types of apples in there, because that's what I had and it gave it a nice flavor. I prefer brown sugar to white and LOTS of cinnamon. Charlie ate a ton of the first batch, but has since gotten sick of it, so this second batch is all mine. :)

In truly sinful cooking news, my neighbor that I went to Carter Mountain with (Hi Ria!) has a deep fryer that we've managed to get in some trouble with.  She pinned a Paula Deen recipe for fried apple pies that uses canned biscuit dough and has a basic fried apple filling and we went for it. Sprinkle some powdered sugar on top and OH. MY. GOSH. Sheer bliss. If you missed the state fair and want to be bad, this is the way to do it.

Incidentally, we also tried another Pinterest deep fryer/biscuit dough recipe this morning - donuts! Also blissful. The marriage between boiling oil and canned biscuits is a fruitful one. If you decide to make them, you can ignore the part of the recipe that instructs to dip the donuts in melted margarine (ugh) before the cinnamon sugar. The sugar sticks just fine without it.

I think that's about all I cooked - or assisted with. I did make some fried apples using a simple recipe of butter, brown sugar and cinnamon to cook down the apples. I put them on top of oatmeal. Kind of a naughty + nice breakfast. Delicious when it's cold out!

It's been fun cooking so many things, but I am really starting to get sick of apples. Glad we are going to be doing a lot of walking in London. I need it after all this food!

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