Saturday, September 17, 2011

Two and a Half Years of Charlie

Oh my goodness our baby is all grown up! Well, not completely. He still believes I can kiss away his boo boos. And while I love that, I hope when he's a true grown up, that's not the case. Ha.

It really hit me how much Charlie has changed when I looked at some photos from just a year ago. Gone is the baby chub and arrived is the huge vocabulary. It's fun to hear everything he's thinking. He's such a talker, I'm completely informed at all times. He also loves to bust out in song - usually something from a TV show he likes. Mostly Yo Gabba Gabba and Caillou (ugh).

As you can see, I did manage to snag a chair pic this time. It's been a while since he'd sit still in the chair! That's another big difference these days - we can ask Charlie to do something and most of the time he'll actually do it! Before recently, I couldn't even tell if he'd heard what I said. Our neighbor's 18 month old is doing that now and while I watched it this morning, it made me realize it's another way Charlie has grown up.

And of course, there's the height. This kid is growing like a weed - all up and no out! I have to cinch his pants as tight as they'll go in order to have them long enough for him. He's wearing 2Ts, but in some things, it's going to be time to move to 3Ts soon. I was shocked to bring home PJ's from Baby Gap in 2T and they were too short. Luckily Charlie's Nana lives near a Gap outlet and was able to send some in 3T! Most of the time, he won't wear the one piece Hanna Anderssons PJ's anymore - for some reason he's staging a boycott. I guess one piece PJ's are for babies. Sniff.

Charlie's taken on his father's affinity for vegetables. Meaning none whatsoever. I try and I try (with both of them, actually), hiding veggies in foods he otherwise likes - pasta and pizza, etc. - but he'll pick them out or refuse to eat it all together. In fact, most nights, he won't eat what I cook. If that's the case, then he just doesn't eat much. I'm trying not to get in the habit of cooking him his own dinner and I want him to eat grown up food. So I guess we're in a bit of a stand off.

Ever since taking him off bottles, Charlie won't drink milk. Like, at all. We got excited once at a friend's house, when he drank the Horizon milk in a box, but he won't touch the stuff now. Fortunately, he will eat yogurt and cheese (and ice cream!) so I can get calcium in him some way. He loves those Stonyfield yogurt smoothies. It kills me how expensive they are, but not enough to make homemade smoothies.

We are very lucky and Charlie is still an excellent sleeper. He consistently sleeps 12 hours at night and will take a nap about 60% of the time for 2 to 3 hours. He still needs the nap, but for some reason - maybe overtiredness? - he won't go to sleep. I can tell he needs it because he's such a grouch if he doesn't get it! But we've been very fortunate with how well he sleeps overall, so I have nothing to complain about.

Since I've been staying home, though, his bedtime and wake-up time have both been getting gradually later. We are going to have to move them both up, though, because he starts preschool next week and will have to get up earlier! I guess with Brad out of town during the week, I rarely have a reason to get him to bed any earlier. We just play and have fun and then he sleeps in in the morning.

About a month ago, Charlie didn't want to take a bath anymore and has decided he wants to take a shower! Part of me likes it because it's so easy, but another part of me misses playing with him in the tub. After he figured out how to turn on the water and switch it from the faucet to the shower, though, it was all over. I guess because he sees Brad and me shower, he wants to do the same. Now I have a huge bucket of bath toys I guess I need to pack away. Sniff.

No movement really on the potty training front. I bought a training seat for the toilet and he'll sit on it occasionally, but it hasn't clicked yet. He didn't really want anything to do with the training potty - I guess because (again) he wants to do what we do. From what I've read, he's showing some signs of being ready, but not all of them. I'm fine waiting until he's ready. I think it will be easier than trying to force it when he's not. The pediatrician gave me some tips and I'll probably check out some books from the library. Unless he shows signs earlier, I think I'll wait until after the holidays to work on it, so we can really focus without distraction.

The pediatrician also gave me a bunch of suggestions on the discipline front - I guess a lot of parents ask, so she just offers them up regardless. But honestly, we don't really need them. Charlie is really a very good kid most of the time. He is so loving and has a very sweet and giving heart. It is rare when he knowingly misbehaves. The challenge with Charlie isn't disobedience, it's his curiosity! Give him a room of 1,000 safe things and 1 dangerous, and he will zone in on the dangerous item in 10 seconds flat! It's like an innate sense! Into everything, that child.

Charlie's starting to show a lot of interest in playing with balls and learning about different sports. If there's a sport on TV, he yells it out, no matter where we are! He even watched some of the US Open with us! If it's the females playing tennis, he's very certain that's Aunt Clare on TV! He says it quite matter-of-factly. Oh, there's Clare on TV again!

He loves his little play golf clubs, soccer ball, basketball and football. He wants to play catch a lot these days and is getting better about actually catching it. Today we were playing with some neighbors who have a toy lacrosse set and Charlie picked up the stick and seemed to immediately know how to use it to throw the ball. He had a great time with it. He also loves running around with a tennis racket and trying to hit tennis balls. Here in a couple of years, he's going to be ready for lessons from his Aunt Clare - and Uncle Bruce too!

Charlie is still fascinated with trucks, trains, diggers, airplanes and helicopters. We talk about the fire trucks each time we drive past the station. We've had a lot of big trucks around the neighborhood cleaning up from Hurricane Irene and it's been fun watching Charlie's fascination when he sees them. There is nothing cooler than a big, big truck. I think he might be a fire fighter for Halloween, but I'm not sure yet if he'll wear the hat.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, but that's all I can think of right now for an update. Here are a few more recent pictures of Charlie. In the first, we are riding the train at Short Pump mall. The second is Charlie making a few calls from the phone in Pottery Barn. He was so loud, everyone heard and the sales associates were cracking up in the background. And the last photo is just us walking around at Deep Run park.

Next update - 2 and 3/4 years?? Or 3 years?? I can't remember my intervals right now. Still can't believe I'm going to have a 3 year old....

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