Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some Big News

I have a bit of an announcement to make here on the blog, though many of you already know what's going on. We have recently put our house here in Richmond on the market, with the intention of moving to Dallas.

This was an incredibly hard decision to make, as we love Richmond. Absolutely love it. We love living here, love our family and friends that live here (or near) and love the house that we've fixed up here.

While there are going to be many wonderful things about living in Dallas (namely, family and friends who are there!) as a city, it is probably not our #1 choice as a place to live, so we did hesitate on going. We've just gotten used to a town that is much smaller than Dallas and having been on the East Coast for most of our married life, it feels like home now.  Richmond in particular feels like home.

But in the end, we had to make the decision that was best for us as a family, and at this point in time, moving to Dallas is what's best.

Brad's job is mainly based in Dallas, whenever he is not at the client site. We discussed moving when he first took the job, but we weren't sure how much time would be in the office vs. on the road. Now we feel like we have a better picture of that and that living in Dallas will mean he'll be home a lot more. Also, at the time, Charlie was a newborn, and I'm pretty sure I would have had a nervous breakdown trying to move back then!

Brad really loves his job, but it has meant a lot of sacrifice since Charlie was born and being away for milestones and things like that. It's also been hard on us as a couple to spend that much time apart. We are all really looking forward to having more time together as a family after the move. Well, Charlie hasn't been able to articulate that, but I think it's a safe assumption, considering how much he loves his daddy. :)

So our house is on the market and we are waiting to see what happens. The market here is terrible, so this may take a while. Fortunately, we are not under a lot of pressure to be in Dallas by any certain date, so we can be patient and find the right buyer. As much as I love this house, I feel like I'm trying to find a new home for my dog or something.

It's also giving us plenty of time to enjoy things and see our friends and family and really appreciate it. We've been blessed beyond measure while living here and are blessed further to have so many wonderful people welcoming us to Dallas. I know we'll feel right at home and have plenty of help getting settled and adjusted.

For now, however, we're just in a holding pattern. When there's more news, such as it's time to actually go, I'll let you know. But for now, we're just going to enjoy this last autumn here in Richmond. Fall in Virginia is beautiful and I plan to make the most of it!


Soña said...

Play date in Dallas!!!

Soña said...

I'm sorry Kara, that first comment was probably insensitive. I can't imagine leaving the home you've built, heck, I don't even love our house that much yet I don't ever want to leave because it's the place where we brought Andrea home to. But I do understand how tough it is to have one parent on the road and can definitely commiserate with how much Brad is missing, and I hardly travel at all. Sounds like Dallas is really the right place for y'all to be right now. And the added bonus of having other family near by probably helps too - right? I do hope we can manage to get the kiddos together too.