Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meet Person

This is Person. That is his name... Person. He is a PlayMobil (sp?) fireman and Charlie's most prized possession.

Charlie used to have another little guy just like it, that his Didi gave him from an old box of toys in her attic. He came everywhere with us for a while, until a fateful trip to Lowe's, where he was left somewhere in the Lawn & Garden section.

Then one day, Charlie and Daddy had one of their outings and went to this cute toy store down the road and got a new one. And that was the day Person came home to live with us.

He has a fire fighter hat on, which Charlie will point out to you after you have been introduced to Person. All of his other accessories have been lost. Poor Person no longer has an axe or hose to fight fires with. Just a hat.

Person comes with us on all our errands and to the park. He showers with Charlie and sleeps in his bed.  He was left at the mall once last week, but as soon as I heard Mommy! Person! from the backseat, I knew we'd be turning around and going back to find Person. He was sitting on the seat of the coin operated pink bus near the food court that Charlie likes to pretend to drive.

Person has also been lost within our own house. It is quite tragic when Person is missing. Charlie asks for him constantly and is worried when he's not around. I guess some toddlers like blankets or stuffed animals. Ours likes Person.

Silly Mommy, who grew up with sisters, called Person a Lego at first. The learning curve from all sisters to having a son can be so steep at times.


Meredith said...

Hahahahahaha. This is hilarious.

amygunther said...

This is hilarious! And ironically we also had a "person" that was a scuba diver that Finn fell in love with at a friend's house. They let him come with us for a couple of weeks and Finn took him EVERYWHERE! We had to give him back, but I figured out that he is one of the people that come with the Imaginext toys. Guess what Finn will be getting for Christmas!