Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Charlie's First Day of Preschool

Yesterday was a big day around here - Charlie started his first day of preschool! He is attending at St. Mary's Episcopal School, which is at our church. He is in the two year old class that attends Monday and Wednesdays. The class is mostly girls! But there is one other little boy, who is also a big talker, and I think he and Charlie will hit it off pretty well.

Preschool starts a tad earlier than we are used to getting anywhere on a given day, so I actually had to wake Charlie up yesterday to go. He was very excited about preschool, so didn't seem to mind... until we had to shut off Yo Gabba Gabba to get in the car. Then it was meltdown city.

Since Brad is in town this week, he got to go with us, and was helping me try to calm Charlie down as we were leaving. Obviously, my visions of cute pictures outside our house were obliterated by the ticked off toddler. Brad said some kind of soothing statement to Charlie and Charlie held one finger up to his lips and said SHH! Daddy! He does that when he doesn't like what we are telling him - he shushes  us!!

We got him in his car seat with his favorite type of granola bar. Brad made the mistake of making a second soothing statement to Charlie and got the granola bar flung at him. This all seemed a bit much to take before coffee in the morning! I guess it was likewise a bit much for Charlie before he was done with his TV show!

Charlie cheered up a little bit when we got to the church parking lot and agreed to a few pictures. Something else happened and he started to get upset again, but I can't remember what. At any rate, we got inside the school and to his classroom and it was like a switch was turned on. Suddenly he was in a great mood and ran in to start playing. We talked to the teacher for a few minutes and left.

When I went a couple of hours later (preschool is just for 2 hours this week and then the 3 next week, to get them adjusted) to pick him up, he was still playing and having a great time. They said he had a good day and never stopped moving. That sounds like my Charlie! He didn't really want to leave, but we all promised him he could come back in a couple of days.

When we got home I tried to get him to eat lunch, but he was still too excited. All the sudden he just crashed and asked me if he could go to sleep. Um, sure, no problem! He took a nice long nap and woke up in a great mood, still talking about preschool.

I'm trying to get his schedule adjusted so that he's waking up a little bit earlier each day and going to bed a bit earlier too. I think once it's the norm to wake up earlier, it won't be quite as hard to get him out the door. His second day is tomorrow and I'm predicting another good day!

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Katie said...

Oh, I love that last picture! And the hair-cut! OH so cute!!