Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Charlie's 2.5 Year Check Up

We had our hastily scheduled check up for Charlie this morning - due to me not realizing we had to go back at 2.5 years. I thought we were in the clear until age 3. I had to get the appointment in so they could fill out Charlie's state health form to start preschool next week. 

Here are the stats - 

Height: 37 inches, 70th percentile (that is 2 inches since March!)
Weight: 28.5 pounds, 25th percentile

He just needed one shot, his flu shot. The nurse was the quickest I've ever seen and had an unwrapped lollipop to hand him immediately afterwards, so there no tears for that part. 

We saw a pediatrician we don't normally see, but I like her. She was who we saw when Charlie had pneumonia a year ago. She had some kind of intern with her, some guy that is rotating among the pediatricians in the practice. 

Charlie was initially excited to see them, due in most part to the Caillou episode where they go to see the doctor, but boy did his tune change once she started examining him. Screaming bloody murder. It was awesome. 

After the examination, Charlie went with the nurse while I went in to meet with the doctor and.. whoever that other guy was. That's the way they always have done it at our practice and for the most part Charlie is a good sport about hanging out with the nurses. 

The office portion took forever because the doctor was explaining everything to the intern. This visit included an autism risk screening questionnaire. They also measured head circumference because apparently kids with autism have bigger heads? Dunno. 

We also talked about diet, discipline and potty training. It was all very interesting. Meanwhile, I could hear Charlie out in main area, helping the nurse show other patients to their examination rooms. He had a great time and gave her a hug when we left. 

We go back at 3 years. Ack! I'm going to have a 3 year old in a few months!! 

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