Monday, August 8, 2011


Charlie's been saying something quite a bit lately and we can't figure out what he means! Usually between the two of us we can figure it out, but not this time.

Charlie will state some kind of object or activity - brushing teeth, going to bed, the poodles, putting on shoes, taking a bath, his toys, the TV show he wants watch.... and then say "Issa Har".

At first I thought he was saying It's hard, but that statement would be out of context most of the time he says it. So we really just have no idea. We just have to kind of say sure, yes, it is. And of course, exchange a look like WHEN are we going to figure this out???

Any ideas? Other than the obvious, it's hard?

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Soña said...

"It's there"? Andrea has one of these too and she says it damn near constantly. It's amazing how I really and truly have no idea what she's saying. Good luck!