Monday, July 25, 2011

New Obsession

Against my better judgement, I have joined Pinterest. I almost escaped it because the app wasn't jiving with the web browser on my MacBook, but today it started working and all I have done is pin stuff. One of the design bloggers I read called it a beautiful, inspirational time suck. Oh yes it is.

For those of you like Brad, who have no idea what Pinterest is, it allows you to create virtual pinboards of images you find on the web. You download a bookmark you can click on to load a photo from any web site onto whichever pinboard you want to add to. You can follow people and people can follow you to exchange ideas. If you see a picture you like on someone else's pinboard, you can repin it. Pretty nifty, huh?

I've started interior design boards for each room in my house. The neat thing about pinning a bunch of pictures that catch your attention is that you start to see trends in colors and furniture and it kind of narrows down what you should be looking for next for your room. I seem to be liking all white kitchens with some bright color thrown in on the backsplash or floor, grayish blues and greens for paint colors and dark grey painted furniture.

The most pressing design change I'm trying to get ideas for is Charlie's big boy room. We are getting closer all the time to moving from the crib to the bed. I think the jump will go hand in hand with potty training. At that point I will paint whichever room he ends up in a different color, de-baby his dresser and get a new rug and bedding. Right now I'm trying to figure out the colors and I've been looking for pairs of twin beds on ebay and Craig's list. I'd love to find something in need of some paint.

I made a to do list tonight of everything I have let slip while I've been on Pinterest. It's kind of sad. It was a VERY long list. For once, my internet going out would actually be beneficial!

If you are on Pinterest let me know! I'd love to follow along!

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Meredith said...

I have determined that Pinterest is, in addition to the things you just mentioned, a self esteem booster. You look at all of your pins, beautifully presented and you're all, MAN I have amazing taste! Time cannot be wasted if you spend it feeling better about yourself, am I right?