Sunday, July 17, 2011


While Brad and I were in Puerto Rico, Charlie was being spoiled rotten by his grandparents and aunt and uncle! He seemed to have a great time and happily gave me updates when I called to talk to him. He just loves my parents and they are so good with him. They planned so many fun things for him to do during the week - he was worn out each day, ate a ton and played his little heart out!

Charlie always picks up new words and phrases when he's around my mom. They are really funny. This time he had a few new ones when we got back:
  • It's a Party! He says this while raising his hands in the air. My mom was getting him ready for the birthday party they were having for me and my cousin Jason the night after we returned.
  • Cooooool. Charlie says this JUST like my mom does. It's hilarious. She tried to say that he must have picked that up from TV, not realizing how often she says it. Cooool.
  • She taught him to say Amen at the end of the prayer before dinner. Sometimes, now that we are back home, he likes to repeat Amen over and over for the first 5 or so minutes of dinner.
Besides learning new phrases, Charlie had some play dates, including one to a splash pad (followed by Purple Cow - jealous!) and to a bounce house type place. He also got to go see the Dallas Aquarium with my parents. He watched my dad mow the yard, which is something he loves to watch Brad do when we're home. He also took lots of baths in my parent's big garden tub - he loves that too. It's like a swimming pool to him - he could stay in there all night.

As is their tradition, my parents also took Charlie out for pancakes one morning for breakfast. That's a must-do every visit. Charlie gets so excited when the pancakes come out. My grandfather, Charlie's namesake, was also a huge fan of pancakes.

Charlie also got some time in with his Aunt Megan and Uncle Bruce. They are so great with him and he gets so excited when he sees them. They came over to see him a few times and Charlie even got to go to Megan's office and see where she works. He liked getting on her phone, of course, and having a nice chat with the dial tone. The next time she's interested in hiring a receptionist, I think Charlie's going to want to go for the job.

Charlie's been able to say Bruce since Christmas, but was having a tougher time saying Meggie, which sounded more like Monkey for a while. This visit, though, he got her name just right and said it over and over whenever he saw her. It was really cute. Kind of made up for how much he kept saying Bruce's name at Christmas! Anyways, they are an awesome Aunt and Uncle to Charlie and he is so lucky to have them.
Charlie and Aunt Meggie
Uncle Bruce and Shiner Bock

When we got back from Puerto Rico, it was late at night, so we didn't see Charlie until the morning. It felt like Christmas running into his room to get him. I could have held him all morning. I missed him so much.

That night, my parents threw my cousin and me a birthday party, complete with my dad's amazing enchiladas. My mom got a Nothing Bundt Cake for dessert. Charlie got upset for some reason that we were having enchiladas and not pizza. I think he was overtired at that point. He was, however, a HUGE fan of the cake!
My beautiful mom and sister holding the beautiful cake!

Cake... yummmy

It was a great visit for everyone and I can't say it enough - we were so fortunate to have my parents offer to watch Charlie so we could take our trip and get some sorely needed alone time. My parents rock, basically. :) I think Charlie agrees!
Mowing... or as Charlie says it "mooning"


Megan Willis said...

Great pics and great post! We had the best time when Charlie was here, and when you guys were here. I still here Charlie saying my name in my head sometimes and it puts the biggest smile on my face! Some other words he says a lot are 'COVERS?' when we wants to get in Nana's bed. He also said 'PURSES!' When he found our old purses in the blue room. Hahahahah. Don't tell Brad ;)


Megan Willis said...

PS - Brad's new camera takes AWESOME pics! Tell the photographer I said so :)