Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Low Expectations

Is probably what you should have for this blog for the next few weeks. It has been so busy around here!! Mostly getting ready to go on vacation and doing some projects on the house.

Sometimes I also don't know what to post about. Charlie is still changing pretty quickly, but not at the new-milestone rate of his first couple of years. So what should I bore you with? Cooking? Books? Interior design? Non-toxic bug spray?

Also contributing to the lack of posting: I didn't feel well for most of last week. More of the fibro-crap. I think I'm in the anger phase of acceptance because I just got really ticked off over the weekend researching it and have decided I'm just not going to have it. Sorry fibro, find someone else to hassle. I'm going to feel fine and continue to play tennis and go to the gym and you can just go take a long walk on a short pier.

I'm looking into all the non-medicinal ways to treat it so I can get off the Lyrica - like diet changes, yoga, acupuncture, massage, supplements. I saw an elimination diet that of course cancelled out several of my reasons to live: wine, coffee, chocolate, cheese. It also said not to eat anything you've been eating more than twice a week. Um, ok, sooo... everything? I think that one's going to have to wait until after vacation.

Anyways, enough about that. It's so stupid I can't believe I gave it two paragraphs. NON-ISSUE.

More fun topic: vacation! We leave for Puerto Rico next weekend! Is it crazy I'm looking forward to the flight for all those hours of uninterrupted reading? I'm taking several books: Cutting for Stone, The Patron Saint of Liars, and Cold Sassy Tree. I vow to have them all read by the time we return. I'm also about to order a travel guide for Puerto Rico. Oh and my iPad is coming along! So never fear WWF friends!

I've been looking into activities for while we're there. Definitely going to hit up the bioluminescent bay one night, in kayaks. I also found a dive operator that looks good so we can go diving. I was so happy to read there are a couple of really awesome dive sites near Vieques. Both relatively easy dives, which is good - we don't dive enough to be getting all advanced and stuff when we do.

Other than that, I've just been trying to make sure I have enough to wear all week. Why are cute, flattering shorts so hard to find? I ordered a couple of pairs from Banana and they both have to go back. Bleck.

Oh and on the non-toxic bug spray front (are you snoring yet?): I read this AM that products with lemon and eucalyptus oils are great for keeping the bugs off. Bought Badger sunscreen with bug repellent and Lafe's Baby Insect Repellant. For use on babies (Charlie) and people who occasionally act like babies (Brad and Kara). I also bought some tea tree oil to put on bites. I'll let you know how they work.

It is going to be 102 here tomorrow. A new record. Also a record number of annoyed people in Richmond that we are getting all this heat so early in the summer. I'm running out of creative indoor activities to wear out Charlie. Help! One more gymnastics class to go - we've managed not to drop out! I think I may sign him up for some Romp n' Roll camps after we get back from Dallas. He would go without me for 3 hours on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I find that prospect VERY appealing!

It was beautiful over last weekend - mid 80's. We went to Williamsburg to see my in-laws. Brad and his dad played golf and we celebrated Brad's birthday on Saturday night. Sunday morning we watched the French Open final (my boyfriend won!) over Cheese Shop sandwiches. Later, during Charlie's nap, I got to shop at my two favorites - the Hanna Andersson outlet and the Williamsburg TJ Maxx - aka, the best TJ Maxx I've ever been to. Found some cute outfits on sale for Charlie at HA and two dresses at TJ to take on vacation! It was a fun weekend.

Brad got to stay in town until this afternoon, when he flew out to Chicago for a couple of days of training. Charlie's loved having him in town. He goes into the room where Brad works when he's in town and just talks and talks, telling Brad all sorts of things. We can tell what some of it is - words like truck, lawnmower, shovel, train, etc. pop out pretty frequently. Brad gets back late Friday night.

Tonight is my book club and we're test driving a new babysitter. Or maybe she's test driving us, who knows. I really miss my U of R sitter from last year, Colleen. Hopefully I can get attached to a new one. We are going to a wine bar here and it will be so fun to get out. I mean, there's a new Breaking Dawn teaser trailer to discuss and all. Oh yeah, and the book for this month.... which I didn't finish.

Tomorrow is both Brad's birthday and my mother-in-law Hope's birthday! Yes, he was born on her birthday! What a way to spend your birthday - with natural childbirth! But also with an amazing gift at the end! So Happy Birthday Brad and Hope!

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