Monday, May 16, 2011

The What's Up

Well, aside from major medical diagnoses, we have had quite a bit going on around here. I guess I haven't done a general update in a while! So in my favorite bullet format, here's what's going on with us:
  • Brad's spending 3 weeks working in DC. This is his second week and is a busy one. I think Charlie and I may go up and stay with him one night next week when things slow down a bit. Thinking of taking him to the zoo to see all the animals. And of course, get some time in with Da-da.
  • Brad's staying at the St. Regis while he's there and now knows first hand how difficult it is to check in when the president is having dinner there. Crazy, huh?
  • Charlie's gym class started last Tuesday and was a complete nightmare. The class is very structured and he kept having meltdowns each time we moved on to a new activity. It was very tiring.
  • Since Charlie had been poking at both ears recently, I took him to the pediatrician Wednesday and sure enough, an ear infection in at least one ear, maybe both. They didn't want to clean out both ears and confirm if he was going to have to go on an antibiotic anyways. This may have been the driver of the gym class meltdowns. We'll see tomorrow at class #2.
  • Had to do another visit to the vet today with Charlie in tow. Ringo's eye is infected for a 3rd time and the vet can't figure out why it keeps happening. We're trying a longer round of antibiotics and eye ointment. If he gets another infection we have to go THE veterinary eye doctor. I say THE because there is only ONE in Richmond.
  • Charlie's trying to count to 10 lately. It goes one, two, five, six, seven, eight, ten! Missing a few, but they're all in order!
  • We found out yesterday that a giant black snack has been living in the mountain of mulch in our yard. It's not much of a mountain anymore, as Brad has been working really hard to get it spread. He disturbed the snake, which fortunately only moved over to a tree to climb up. It was about 4 feet long. Brad thought it might be a cottonmouth. Scary!!
  • I am love love LOVING my iPad. Already not sure how I could live without it. You should get one. So many awesome apps for iPad. I'll have to do a list of my favorites.
  • Brad has to go to Chicago for some training his birthday week and we're planning on joining him for the weekend. I'm so excited! Haven't been to Chicago in years, since my friend Holly lived there, but always had an awesome time when I went. It'll be a great way to celebrate the big 3-5 for Bradford.
  • As for my big 3-5, we'll be on our vacation we're planning. Still looking like Hawaii but the flight time and time change is a bit daunting, so it's still up in the air. Wherever we go, it will be fun and relaxing and a most awesome birthday, so I can't wait.
  • My sister Meredith is coming to visit this weekend! I'm so excited to see her. She's dying to see Charlie. We're both getting haircuts Saturday morning and then taking Charlie to do some fun stuff. The rest of the time will be wine, takeout and bad tv. Woot woot!
  • And lastly, but not leastly, Meredith's boyfriend Lucas has a book coming out next January. I found it on Amazon and may not be able to help myself but preorder it 8 months early! Here's the link - isn't the cover art awesome?
Probably forgetting a ton of things. More later!


Kirsti said...

Ok, I'm totally being picky, but I laughed that you typed "snack" instead of "snake". I thought "interesting snack." Tacky to point it out, I'm sure, because I DON'T have a 2 year old running my life.

Lucas Klauss said...

Thanks for the link, Kara. And the preorder! You ladies (and little gentleman) have fun this weekend.

Kristen said...

Please share your favorite iPad apps! I am bored with it since I got the iPhone. Help! :)