Friday, May 13, 2011

A Very Happy Mother's Day

I didn't think I'd ever be able to post this! Blogger's "1 hour scheduled maintenance" turned into a 36+ hour event. Like I need help procrastinating. But every time I felt annoyed, I tried to remember hey! Blogger is free! Hard to complain too much.

ANYWAYS. I had an awesome Mother's day! Although, as Brad pointed out, the bar was pretty low. My first Mother's Day we were deep in the colic with Charlie, who was only 2 months old. We made it out to dinner (an accomplishment in itself), but had to hold Charlie the whole time because he was fussy and wouldn't sit in his carrier. We were exhausted when we got there and exhausted when we got home. The theme of life back then was "exhausted."

Last year we had a nice day, we stayed around the house, let Charlie play in his new water table and just kind of enjoyed each other. However, the restaurant I love that I was dying to go to (Pescados) isn't open on Sundays. You'd think any restaurant would take advantage of such a holiday and open, but not Pescados!

So we ended up at, of all places, Mexico. Crummy Mexican food. Really crummy if you've spent a large portion of your life within a stone's throw of excellent Mexican food. I'm pretty sure I hadn't even had time to shower that day, so it was that kind of day, too. Looking around at Mexico, it appeared we had good company with other families who also had small children and no time to shower. We visually bonded.

So our previous attempts at a respectable Mother's Day were a great joke this year. Brad had big fun suggesting we were heading back to Mexico that night. Especially when he mentioned going right after giving me my awesomely excessive gift - an iPad. Which I am in total love with. Much like my iPhone, I find myself asking, how did I EVER live without this?? At least, I'm asking that when I'm not busy shopping for all the accessories I need to go with it. Home run on the Mother's Day gift Bradford, home run.

We had originally planned to go to church and the mother's day brunch they were having there, but I did not feel well all weekend. I'll write another post on that, as it is quite the tale. Anyways, after establishing that there was no way I was going anywhere on Sunday, Brad brought me my favorite coffee from Starbucks and we watched some TV while playing with Charlie. I also opened my very sweet card, which may hang on the fridge until next Mother's Day. It was from the poodles, too. Loved it.

Brad eventually headed out to do some yard work, taking Charlie with him, as he is obsessed with anything Brad is doing outdoors. He wants to start up the leaf blower, push the lawn mower, work the weed eater. None of which he can actually do, but he pretends. And when his daddy has the GALL to actually use one of the devices without automatically handing it over to him, screams of unfairness ring across the neighborhood. Here we are, constantly reminding Charlie to share, and Daddy just really stinks at sharing.

Here are some pictures of Charlie in the mountain o' mulch. For some reason, the camera kept catching him with an angelic type glow around him. I assure you, the behavior both before and after these photos was less than angelic.

Later in the day, it was time to decide where to go to dinner. I have to admit, after a day of feeling quite crummy (and not having much to eat), I was seriously craving sushi stuffed with all sorts of bad stuff. Tempura fried mayo covered cream cheese, if you will. I was visualizing takeout, but Brad really wanted to take me out. The closest good sushi place had 1 option for kids - a sesame chicken bento box. While Charlie can be quite experimental, I wasn't willing to experiment with a $16 bento box for him.

So we settled on Cafe Mosaic, which has a kid's menu, lots of yummy options for us and amazing desserts. It also has a patio and the weather was beautiful and warm. So we got all dolled up and headed over. Yes, I actually showered for this Mother's Day meal.

Unfortunately, about 10 minutes after we secured our lovely patio table, Charlie had thrown a silverware roll, broken a bread plate, provided a few ear piercing screams and switched between high chair and a real chair about 4 times.

When the waitress told us the kitchen had a 35 minute wait time on each ticket, we said we'd take ours to go and how fast could she get out a couple of cava sangrias and an oatmeal raisin cookie for the screamer?

When those items arrived, we went from this:
to this:
Despite the delicious beverage and beautiful patio weather, it was one of the longer 35 minutes of my life. Fortunately, our neighbors on the patio found Charlie entertaining.

One table found it amusing I rewarded his bad behavior with a cookie and was kind enough to point this out to me. If they only knew I was just doing it to save their dinner from screamfest 2011. They had a 10 year old daughter. I'm sure the terrible 2's were quite different for them. She kept talking to her daughter about the meaning of the sermon at church. This 10 year old already has her exasperated "please leave me alone" face prepared for her teenage years.

When we finally got home with our food, I got Charlie in bed. When I came downstairs, Brad had lit candles, plated our food (on actual nice plates!) and got us all set up to watch a movie. We watched Legends of the Fall, which I surprisingly had never seen. Yes people, there was a Brad Pitt movie I had not seen. And he did not disappoint. I am now in love with the name Tristan. What a great movie. How have I never seen it?

So yeah, sounds like a pretty awesome day, huh? And Brad didn't even have to get up at the crack of dawn to leave the next morning - in fact, he was home all day! Didn't leave until Tuesday! Just icing on my Mother's Day cake. The recipe for which can probably be located on an iPad app I haven't located yet. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend/Mother's Day too! And let's give Blogger a nice round of applause for working again. *clap clap clap*

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