Saturday, May 28, 2011

Some More of What's Up

I have been super lame in updating the blog lately. I can't help it - the Nordstrom half yearly sale is going on and there are 46 pages of women's clothes to go through. I mean, it's a time commitment. So instead of keeping up with my blog, I condense a week's worth of stuff in one post. Here goes:

The picture of Charlie is at the Sears outlet, which is a scratch and dent kind of place. We picked up a new Jenn Air microwave for half price because it was banged up on the sides. It's going to be installed in between cabinets above our range so you won't be able to see the banged up part. You have to take a sledgehammer to our current microwave to get any of the buttons to work. So anyways, Charlie had the time of his life sitting on the riding lawnmower saying Tractor! over and over. He had the temper tantrum of his life when it was time to go home. He even wriggled out of my arms, ran all the way back to the showroom and climbed back up on the lawnmower.

Charlie's been really curious and into everything lately, which has made it challenging to take him just about anywhere. We were walking around the outdoor mall the other day and I thought for sure the worst that could happen in Build a Bear was we'd spend some money we didn't need to. But when Charlie managed to knock down a few of the display window bears in the 10 seconds I turned my head, I realized I was wrong. The sales lady said that had never happened before, which I actually find hard to believe. But I took that as our cue to leave! Oh my sweet Charlie, just a bundle of curiosity!

Brad's about to have his last work week in DC. We didn't make it up to visit this past week but may go this week. We'll see. It's been so painfully hot in these parts lately that the thought of walking around all day outside with Charlie has been sounding.. not so fun. I'll have to see if it will be any cooler this week and let that decide whether we make the trek. Brad's been pretty busy, so I think our time with him would be a bit limited.

We bagged our weekend in Chicago for Brad's birthday after discovering his Marriott reward for 2 weekend nights would only apply to the broom closet at the partially constructed Midway Airport Courtyard. Seriously - we couldn't use the rewards at a single property in the city. So if we were going to have to pay for hotel, it kinda made the trip not worth it, especially right before we go on vacation for a week. We told Charlie we'd take him to Chicago some other time. He replied with his favorite reply lately - Okay Mommy.

So yeah! We finally booked our no-kid vacation! And almost entirely with points and miles! 2 nights at the Ritz Carlton in San Juan, Puerto Rico and 5 nights at the W Resort on Vieques Island. Woohoo! I can't wait. I think the island especially is going to be amazing. The W is the only resort there and you can swim in a bioluminescent bay there called Puerto Mosquito - just like they did in that movie The Beach. There are lots of secluded pristine beaches to explore. I can't believe we're actually going. And that it's less than a month away!

We don't have big plans for Memorial Day. Just doing things around the house mostly and meeting up with some friends for dinner Sunday night. Charlie and Brad will go out and hunt for fire trucks, diggers and other big machines, as is their weekend tradition. Last weekend they finished up their time together with a visit to Five Guys for Charlie's first real hamburger. Brad said Charlie was in heaven! But really, who wouldn't be. Wait until we take him to the In and Out Burger that opened up near my parent's house! His eyes will glaze over in pure bliss.

The gym class I signed Charlie up for is now on my 'most dreaded' list right next to brushing his teeth. He hates it. Well, he loves certain aspects, like doing the same thing over and over again for the entire class while the other kids move on and try new things. The teacher tries her best to encourage Charlie to try new things, but he's not interested. He marches to the beat of his own drummer. Will we become gym class drop outs? Stay tuned.

If you'd like to have a conversation with Charlie, be prepared to talk about the following things: lawnmowers, shovels, wheelbarrows, diggers, fire trucks, airplanes and helicopters. He also enjoys discussing "no" and "my turn" and requesting his two *wishful thinking* breakfast foods - cupcakes and suckers. Yeah right.

Charlie's new crocs have turned out to be both a blessing and an annoyance. It's awesome that Charlie can put on his own shoes and we avoid that battle a few times each day. He seems to be rather excited about it, too! But after the first pair I ordered was too small, this pair is a tad too big so he's flopping around in them like clown shoes. He frequently puts them on the wrong feet and refuses to switch them - and then trips even more than he usually does in his crocs! They also fall off a lot. I'm constantly checking both feet before I put him in his car seat to make sure we aren't missing one. But they are washable. That's nice.

We have thankfully moved on from Caillou as the favorite TV show. All I had to do was order 2 DVDs of Caillou episodes and Charlie no longer wants anything to do with it. The new favorite show is Berenstein Bears. Or just "Bears" as Charlie calls it. There are only 6 episodes available on Demand, so hello Amazon, show me what ya got.

Our current book club read is Cutting for Stone. I ordered it and it is a big honking chunk of book. So here's hoping it's a page turner! Otherwise, the prognosis is poor that I will have it read by book club on the 8th. Thank goodness we always have wine and interesting food to discuss as well!

I know we talked about this last year, but here is this year's sunscreen report by the Environmental Working Group. You can now download an iPhone app of the Sunscreen Buyer's Guide and the Pesticides Guide. So there you go. Go forth and detoxify.

Well I do believe that's all that's going on here in the Spooner Household. Or at least, all I can think of before I zonk out to sleep tonight. Another fun, glamorous night in the world of small child parenting! Time to sleep and dream of vacation..... :)


Katie said...

Can you pack me up and take me on your vacation with you?? Sounds glorious.

Meredith said...

My favorite is when he does this:
Charlie- Cupcake?
Mimi- Oh, you want a cupcake?
Charlie- Okay Mimi!

He is clever!