Friday, May 27, 2011

Mimi Comes to Visit!

Charlie's Aunt Mimi was just dying to see him so she booked herself a train ticket and came for a long weekend!

After Brad's train from DC broke down and thoughtlessly delayed her train, they both finally made it to the house for beers, guacamole and quesadillas! Charlie surprised us all by loooving the guacamole - he couldn't get enough. He'd ask for a chip and then hold it up to Mimi and say either more? or dip?

Friday night I introduced Meredith to the TV show Extreme Couponing. We had a great time cracking jokes at their expense and deciding how close each participant was to switching over to the TV Show Hoarding. Good times.

Saturday morning we were up at the crack of dawn for haircuts. Kind of bad planning on my part, but it did leave the rest of the day open! And we were on Charlie duty all day while Brad took his photography class.

Mer is about to get the Keratin treatment on her hair so she can survive the humid NYC summer. So she just cleaned up the layers and got a fab blowout and style:
I went a tad more dramatic for the summer and lopped off all my hair!
So far I love it. Takes almost no time to fix. Has a bit more body now that I'm fixing it myself. She had to straighten to make sure it was even. It's longer in front than in back and it makes it so fun to style.

We of course took these phone photos to send my mom. :)

While Meredith got her hair cut I went and got Charlie so we could spend the day with him in Carytown. Saturday was actually brought to you by the letter "C." Charlie in Carytown, visiting Can Can (for chocolate croissants!), Clementine, Clover (both for Consignment Clothes) and Cartwheels and Coffee. Strangely, we had neither cartwheels or coffee there. It's a coffee shop with play areas for kids - for you non-Richmonders.

We did, however, have plenty of play pizza.
And of course, trains. Charlie loved playing trains with Mimi.
P.S. Isn't Mer's dress cute? Target! Fancy NYC Target, but still - Target!

Saturday night we had this amazing Cooking Light Lobster and Corn Risotto. Oh heavens it was good. We got the lobsters whole, but already steamed (no screaming!) and they were so messy to pull apart! I felt like the whole kitchen and I were coated in lobster gunk by the time I was done.

We watched No Strings Attached, which was cuter than I was expecting it to be. I guess I don't have high expectations for Ashton Kutcher these days, but it was kind of funny!

Sunday Brad and Charlie had their day so Mer and I went to Cafe Mosaic for brunch and went shopping. There might have been 2 rounds of mimosas at brunch, I'm really not at liberty say. There was definitely a breakfast sandwich with homemade pimento cheese. And wow.

We got Super Stars pizza Sunday night and watched Morning Glory. Which was.. well. Yeah. Ok. It was fine. That's a glowing review, isn't it? Mediocrity or not, it was fun having someone to watch chick flicks with! And with witty commentary to boot.

Charlie and I were kind of mopey on Monday because both Brad and Mimi had to leave, both on trains. Brad back to DC for the week and Mimi back to NYC. A few minutes after we dropped Mimi off, Charlie realized she was really gone and burst into tears! He kept saying Mimi and Choo Choo! It kind of broke my heart! He's such a sweetie. Just loves his family so much.

It was so much fun to have Aunt Mimi come for a visit - and so sweet of her to sit through two long train trips to be here. We love you Aunt Mimi!!

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Love and miss you guys so much!