Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Hodge of Podge

I'm really not sure what to call these collections of random bits of what's going on with us. Lindsay calls them Gumbo, which is a great name. I need to think of something similar. Anyways...
  • Brad is working from home this week, which has been a real treat. Charlie follows him everywhere he goes and wants to do everything he does. They both have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and Charlie tells Daddy how yummy they are the whole time.
  • My last official day of work was last Friday, April 29. I was so busy getting ready for the baptism weekend it really didn't hit me until this week. A bit of sadness, but also a lot of relief not to have all that work hanging over my head when I finally get Charlie to sleep. My stress level is at a lovely low level right now.
  • Charlie's new favorite words (even replacing No and Mine) are AGAIN and READY. Again means he wants you to do whatever you just did again - read a book, swing him around the room, play a game, etc. Ready means ready, set, go - he wants to race across the room. Charlie starts off with Ready and wants us to say Set, Go! He kind of cheats and starts running during "set."
  • With Brad in town I got a girls' night out last night. My friend Karen and I hit the Ivy Market at the University of Richmond and I even got to meet Eddie Ross. Nice guy, but all his stuff was way overpriced. Since I read his blog, I know he buys most of it for almost nothing, which makes paying $45 for a compote somewhat difficult. He is quite a personality, though! Afterwards, we went to Cafe Mosaic for a glass of wine and a slice of peanut butter pie - yum!
  • Karen and I have been having rather frequent girls' nights lately, what with restaurant week last week and my Stella and Dot party the week before. Now we're planning to see Water for Elephants at our favorite theatre where you can have wine and food with your movie, Cinebistro. I enjoyed the book and never turn down an opportunity to swoon over Robert Pattinson.
  • For restaurant week we hit up Rowland Fine Dining, which was good, but not great. The atmosphere and food didn't strike me as "fine dining" at all - it was actually rather casual. It's a good spot, but it's no Acacia or Julep's, my two Richmond faves. Glad I got to try something new, though.
  • I realize I'm about 5 hours late for the party on this one, but Kate Middleton's wedding dress - perfection, no? She is a style icon in the making. Can't wait to see how she dresses her inevitable baby bump.
  • If you missed the royal wedding broadcast (I know I did) the Fug Girls did a hilarious play by play here. I love the Fug Girls and all their snarkiness.
  • Charlie and I are starting two new classes next week. One is at Maymont - Toddler Time Down on the Farm, where they get to check out the animals and the farming operation there and such. It's targeted to kids his age. He'll also be doing a gymnastics class at Core Kids Academy. I love these types of classes. They wear him out. It will be nice to be a tad more scheduled for a few weeks.
  • For book club right now we are reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. It was actually my suggestion, as she is my favorite author. I've read just about everything she's ever written, with the exception of her poetry. Call me uncultured, I just don't do poetry. Anyways, I had to order a new copy, as I appear to have pushed mine on someone else, telling them they HAVE to read this book. My other favorite by her is The Blind Assassin.
  • We have a fun weekend planned. We're getting together with friends on Saturday so the guys can play golf and the kids can have a play date. Since the weather is going to be beautiful, we're going to grill out afterwards.
  • On Mother's Day I think we'll head to church and go to the brunch they are having there. I'm hoping for a pedicure in the afternoon and some takeout from somewhere yummy (Wild Ginger maybe?) for dinner.
  • My sister Meredith is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I already can't wait! She emailed after Megan's wedding and said she just missed Charlie too much and had to come see him. So sweet. Brad's taking his photography class that weekend so she and I are going to find some fun things to do with Charlie.
  • Brad and I are still planning a fun getaway while Charlie spends a week with his Nana and PawPaw, who offered to take him so we could have some time to ourselves. The location keeps changing, but we are definitely flying out of DFW. You can fly direct to so many places! Looking at Hawaii now - direct to Maui on American. A few days there and a few over on Lanai, where we went on our honeymoon.
  • In other fun news, I've managed to swing myself an invite to my friend Lakshmy's sister's bachelorette party in Miami in July. I can't wait! Love Miami, love Lakshmy and her fam and love a fun girls' weekend. It's going to be awesome.
Well, things are really starting to pick up around this household, so I better sign off. An exciting morning of music class and trip to the wholesale club for Charlie and me. While Brad has been home he's been running out to Starbucks in the morning to get me my favorite drink (triple grande soy latte) - such a treat!

Happy Thursday!

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Lakshmy said...

Yay for Miami! (And 'yay' for Hawaii!) So nice to have two great trips to look forward to!!