Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Charlie's Baptism

All dolled up in his baptism best

We had a really fun weekend with our out of town guests and celebrating Charlie's baptism. That being said, the baptism service itself was a lesson not to wait until your child is two to have them baptized. It was chaotic and crazy. Kind of circus-like. Lakshmy called it a comedy of errors I think.

I'm not really sure what got into Charlie that morning. He was in overdrive and even a sucker wouldn't give him pause. I suppose he was just overstimulated from all the fun visitors and new things to check out in the vestry office.... like the fire extinguisher. I had visions of bad things happening when I saw him so taken with it.
Hey you. Yeah you. I'm watching you.

In our defense of how crazy it ended up being, there were a lot of contributing factors in waiting so long to get this done. Like Brad traveling every week since Charlie was 5 weeks old. And me working full time and caring for Charlie on my own. If it didn't involve the basic necessities in life, it just didn't get done. So, in short, procrastination.

Our former church also had a weird way of doing baptisms, scheduling them for only a few times a year and there was a waiting list. The church we attend now is a lot more easy going. And in a fun twist of fate, the priest that performed the baptism is close friends with the priest in Dallas that married us. In fact, he spent a couple of years at St. Michael's right after we left for DC. Small world!

Anyways, I'm spending quite a bit of time discussing the 20 minutes of insanity that made up a small (but admittedly significant) portion of the weekend). The rest of the time was so much fun.

We were fortunate enough to have my mom fly in from Dallas Saturday morning. And Charlie's godparents, Lakshmy and Mike, drove down from DC on Saturday afternoon with their 1 year old son Kash. Who Charlie spent the weekend referring to as Crash.

After the kids went to bed Saturday night we had a nice, long dinner and got caught up. We especially had a good time talking about all the future trips we want to take the boys on in the coming years. They really did take to each other after an initial getting acquainted period. Kash takes a little time to warm up to other grown ups, so I didn't get to hold him and eat his adorable cheeks as much as I could have. But seriously, could you DIE this child is so cute??
Watching Charlie actually share toys with another child was a nice switch. Usually his battle cry is "MINE" and "MY TURN" when other kids are around. He would, after all, hate for anyone to forget he is 2.
Sunday morning we got up (some of us earlier than others, ahem, CRASH) and had breakfast and let the boys play before church. Then we got all gussied up and went over to St. Mary's.

I had visions of all sorts of wonderful pictures. Charlie with his godparents, his grandparents, the priest, with Kash, etc. But every time we tried to pick him up or persuade him to stand next to someone there was a loud protest. We were lucky to get this:
And after the baptism, back at the house for lunch, we did get a group shot with the godparents, though Charlie is about 3 seconds from losing it here:
But I am sad to report that there are no photos with my mom or with Charlie's Didi and Papa who drove in from Williamsburg. I am quite bummed about this. After the baptism service, where Charlie ran amok all over the chapel and wanted to play with the holy water, we headed outside where a fancy remote turned on the church bells. It was lovely.

Once it was over, Charlie ran to our car, stood by the door nearest the car seat and screamed HOME. I managed to get him to come over to say good bye to the priest, but that was it. We headed home.

I owe the priest a thank you note in the worst way. He was just so patient the whole time. He has sons and grandkids, so I think he understood. But even so, the service was just crazy and in between me, Brad, grandparents and godparents, nobody could persuade Charlie to sit down, stay still, be quiet or cooperate in any way. I did get him to let me hold him for the priest to put water on his head. He wasn't happy, but we got it done.
Back at the house we had a nice lunch and cake. Charlie and Kash both went down for naps and the adults visited (and ate more) until it was time for my mom to go to the airport. I couldn't believe it was already over! I always feel that way when people I love come to visit. What do you mean you have to leave???

Despite the fact the baptism service itself left a bit to be desired, the weekend itself was wonderful. We had people who love Charlie so much join us for a special milestone and suffice it to say, we won't forget this one!

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Lakshmy said...

We had such a wonderful weekend with you, Spooners! Mike and I have been fondly remembering the 'Comedy of Errors' during Charlie's baptism including 'Krash' & Charlie's fascination with Holy Water, running back & forth through the pews, and Charlie with his huge lollipop. We are so lucky to have such a fun-loving Godson :)