Saturday, May 28, 2011

Some More of What's Up

I have been super lame in updating the blog lately. I can't help it - the Nordstrom half yearly sale is going on and there are 46 pages of women's clothes to go through. I mean, it's a time commitment. So instead of keeping up with my blog, I condense a week's worth of stuff in one post. Here goes:

The picture of Charlie is at the Sears outlet, which is a scratch and dent kind of place. We picked up a new Jenn Air microwave for half price because it was banged up on the sides. It's going to be installed in between cabinets above our range so you won't be able to see the banged up part. You have to take a sledgehammer to our current microwave to get any of the buttons to work. So anyways, Charlie had the time of his life sitting on the riding lawnmower saying Tractor! over and over. He had the temper tantrum of his life when it was time to go home. He even wriggled out of my arms, ran all the way back to the showroom and climbed back up on the lawnmower.

Charlie's been really curious and into everything lately, which has made it challenging to take him just about anywhere. We were walking around the outdoor mall the other day and I thought for sure the worst that could happen in Build a Bear was we'd spend some money we didn't need to. But when Charlie managed to knock down a few of the display window bears in the 10 seconds I turned my head, I realized I was wrong. The sales lady said that had never happened before, which I actually find hard to believe. But I took that as our cue to leave! Oh my sweet Charlie, just a bundle of curiosity!

Brad's about to have his last work week in DC. We didn't make it up to visit this past week but may go this week. We'll see. It's been so painfully hot in these parts lately that the thought of walking around all day outside with Charlie has been sounding.. not so fun. I'll have to see if it will be any cooler this week and let that decide whether we make the trek. Brad's been pretty busy, so I think our time with him would be a bit limited.

We bagged our weekend in Chicago for Brad's birthday after discovering his Marriott reward for 2 weekend nights would only apply to the broom closet at the partially constructed Midway Airport Courtyard. Seriously - we couldn't use the rewards at a single property in the city. So if we were going to have to pay for hotel, it kinda made the trip not worth it, especially right before we go on vacation for a week. We told Charlie we'd take him to Chicago some other time. He replied with his favorite reply lately - Okay Mommy.

So yeah! We finally booked our no-kid vacation! And almost entirely with points and miles! 2 nights at the Ritz Carlton in San Juan, Puerto Rico and 5 nights at the W Resort on Vieques Island. Woohoo! I can't wait. I think the island especially is going to be amazing. The W is the only resort there and you can swim in a bioluminescent bay there called Puerto Mosquito - just like they did in that movie The Beach. There are lots of secluded pristine beaches to explore. I can't believe we're actually going. And that it's less than a month away!

We don't have big plans for Memorial Day. Just doing things around the house mostly and meeting up with some friends for dinner Sunday night. Charlie and Brad will go out and hunt for fire trucks, diggers and other big machines, as is their weekend tradition. Last weekend they finished up their time together with a visit to Five Guys for Charlie's first real hamburger. Brad said Charlie was in heaven! But really, who wouldn't be. Wait until we take him to the In and Out Burger that opened up near my parent's house! His eyes will glaze over in pure bliss.

The gym class I signed Charlie up for is now on my 'most dreaded' list right next to brushing his teeth. He hates it. Well, he loves certain aspects, like doing the same thing over and over again for the entire class while the other kids move on and try new things. The teacher tries her best to encourage Charlie to try new things, but he's not interested. He marches to the beat of his own drummer. Will we become gym class drop outs? Stay tuned.

If you'd like to have a conversation with Charlie, be prepared to talk about the following things: lawnmowers, shovels, wheelbarrows, diggers, fire trucks, airplanes and helicopters. He also enjoys discussing "no" and "my turn" and requesting his two *wishful thinking* breakfast foods - cupcakes and suckers. Yeah right.

Charlie's new crocs have turned out to be both a blessing and an annoyance. It's awesome that Charlie can put on his own shoes and we avoid that battle a few times each day. He seems to be rather excited about it, too! But after the first pair I ordered was too small, this pair is a tad too big so he's flopping around in them like clown shoes. He frequently puts them on the wrong feet and refuses to switch them - and then trips even more than he usually does in his crocs! They also fall off a lot. I'm constantly checking both feet before I put him in his car seat to make sure we aren't missing one. But they are washable. That's nice.

We have thankfully moved on from Caillou as the favorite TV show. All I had to do was order 2 DVDs of Caillou episodes and Charlie no longer wants anything to do with it. The new favorite show is Berenstein Bears. Or just "Bears" as Charlie calls it. There are only 6 episodes available on Demand, so hello Amazon, show me what ya got.

Our current book club read is Cutting for Stone. I ordered it and it is a big honking chunk of book. So here's hoping it's a page turner! Otherwise, the prognosis is poor that I will have it read by book club on the 8th. Thank goodness we always have wine and interesting food to discuss as well!

I know we talked about this last year, but here is this year's sunscreen report by the Environmental Working Group. You can now download an iPhone app of the Sunscreen Buyer's Guide and the Pesticides Guide. So there you go. Go forth and detoxify.

Well I do believe that's all that's going on here in the Spooner Household. Or at least, all I can think of before I zonk out to sleep tonight. Another fun, glamorous night in the world of small child parenting! Time to sleep and dream of vacation..... :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Mimi Comes to Visit!

Charlie's Aunt Mimi was just dying to see him so she booked herself a train ticket and came for a long weekend!

After Brad's train from DC broke down and thoughtlessly delayed her train, they both finally made it to the house for beers, guacamole and quesadillas! Charlie surprised us all by loooving the guacamole - he couldn't get enough. He'd ask for a chip and then hold it up to Mimi and say either more? or dip?

Friday night I introduced Meredith to the TV show Extreme Couponing. We had a great time cracking jokes at their expense and deciding how close each participant was to switching over to the TV Show Hoarding. Good times.

Saturday morning we were up at the crack of dawn for haircuts. Kind of bad planning on my part, but it did leave the rest of the day open! And we were on Charlie duty all day while Brad took his photography class.

Mer is about to get the Keratin treatment on her hair so she can survive the humid NYC summer. So she just cleaned up the layers and got a fab blowout and style:
I went a tad more dramatic for the summer and lopped off all my hair!
So far I love it. Takes almost no time to fix. Has a bit more body now that I'm fixing it myself. She had to straighten to make sure it was even. It's longer in front than in back and it makes it so fun to style.

We of course took these phone photos to send my mom. :)

While Meredith got her hair cut I went and got Charlie so we could spend the day with him in Carytown. Saturday was actually brought to you by the letter "C." Charlie in Carytown, visiting Can Can (for chocolate croissants!), Clementine, Clover (both for Consignment Clothes) and Cartwheels and Coffee. Strangely, we had neither cartwheels or coffee there. It's a coffee shop with play areas for kids - for you non-Richmonders.

We did, however, have plenty of play pizza.
And of course, trains. Charlie loved playing trains with Mimi.
P.S. Isn't Mer's dress cute? Target! Fancy NYC Target, but still - Target!

Saturday night we had this amazing Cooking Light Lobster and Corn Risotto. Oh heavens it was good. We got the lobsters whole, but already steamed (no screaming!) and they were so messy to pull apart! I felt like the whole kitchen and I were coated in lobster gunk by the time I was done.

We watched No Strings Attached, which was cuter than I was expecting it to be. I guess I don't have high expectations for Ashton Kutcher these days, but it was kind of funny!

Sunday Brad and Charlie had their day so Mer and I went to Cafe Mosaic for brunch and went shopping. There might have been 2 rounds of mimosas at brunch, I'm really not at liberty say. There was definitely a breakfast sandwich with homemade pimento cheese. And wow.

We got Super Stars pizza Sunday night and watched Morning Glory. Which was.. well. Yeah. Ok. It was fine. That's a glowing review, isn't it? Mediocrity or not, it was fun having someone to watch chick flicks with! And with witty commentary to boot.

Charlie and I were kind of mopey on Monday because both Brad and Mimi had to leave, both on trains. Brad back to DC for the week and Mimi back to NYC. A few minutes after we dropped Mimi off, Charlie realized she was really gone and burst into tears! He kept saying Mimi and Choo Choo! It kind of broke my heart! He's such a sweetie. Just loves his family so much.

It was so much fun to have Aunt Mimi come for a visit - and so sweet of her to sit through two long train trips to be here. We love you Aunt Mimi!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Strawberry Pickin'

Charlie and I met our play group to pick strawberries on Wednesday. Kind of funny considering Charlie won't eat strawberries. He's gotten quite picky about food actually. He did love picking them, though.
Each time I saw him looking the other way, I tossed the overripe and rotted ones he had put into the container. The first time I tossed some he saw me do it and ran right over and got them, pretty sure Mommy made a mistake. After that I had to wise up and wait until he wasn't watching. Charlie may not like strawberries, but I sure do.
After all that picking, he was ready for a rest. It was a gorgeous day and we were close enough to the airport for him to see some airplanes. Eventually he got out of his chair and ran around with the other kids, playing with all the toys the farm owners so thoughtfully set out in their front yard. There were also a couple of extremely lazy farm dogs who needed to be pet.
I also bought some spring onions and kale. I have never cooked with either. Still not sure what I'm going to do with them. Fairly certain whatever I settle on, Charlie will not eat. He's a huge fan of spinach, though, so I suppose I'll let it go.

It was a really awesome day. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

The What's Up

Well, aside from major medical diagnoses, we have had quite a bit going on around here. I guess I haven't done a general update in a while! So in my favorite bullet format, here's what's going on with us:
  • Brad's spending 3 weeks working in DC. This is his second week and is a busy one. I think Charlie and I may go up and stay with him one night next week when things slow down a bit. Thinking of taking him to the zoo to see all the animals. And of course, get some time in with Da-da.
  • Brad's staying at the St. Regis while he's there and now knows first hand how difficult it is to check in when the president is having dinner there. Crazy, huh?
  • Charlie's gym class started last Tuesday and was a complete nightmare. The class is very structured and he kept having meltdowns each time we moved on to a new activity. It was very tiring.
  • Since Charlie had been poking at both ears recently, I took him to the pediatrician Wednesday and sure enough, an ear infection in at least one ear, maybe both. They didn't want to clean out both ears and confirm if he was going to have to go on an antibiotic anyways. This may have been the driver of the gym class meltdowns. We'll see tomorrow at class #2.
  • Had to do another visit to the vet today with Charlie in tow. Ringo's eye is infected for a 3rd time and the vet can't figure out why it keeps happening. We're trying a longer round of antibiotics and eye ointment. If he gets another infection we have to go THE veterinary eye doctor. I say THE because there is only ONE in Richmond.
  • Charlie's trying to count to 10 lately. It goes one, two, five, six, seven, eight, ten! Missing a few, but they're all in order!
  • We found out yesterday that a giant black snack has been living in the mountain of mulch in our yard. It's not much of a mountain anymore, as Brad has been working really hard to get it spread. He disturbed the snake, which fortunately only moved over to a tree to climb up. It was about 4 feet long. Brad thought it might be a cottonmouth. Scary!!
  • I am love love LOVING my iPad. Already not sure how I could live without it. You should get one. So many awesome apps for iPad. I'll have to do a list of my favorites.
  • Brad has to go to Chicago for some training his birthday week and we're planning on joining him for the weekend. I'm so excited! Haven't been to Chicago in years, since my friend Holly lived there, but always had an awesome time when I went. It'll be a great way to celebrate the big 3-5 for Bradford.
  • As for my big 3-5, we'll be on our vacation we're planning. Still looking like Hawaii but the flight time and time change is a bit daunting, so it's still up in the air. Wherever we go, it will be fun and relaxing and a most awesome birthday, so I can't wait.
  • My sister Meredith is coming to visit this weekend! I'm so excited to see her. She's dying to see Charlie. We're both getting haircuts Saturday morning and then taking Charlie to do some fun stuff. The rest of the time will be wine, takeout and bad tv. Woot woot!
  • And lastly, but not leastly, Meredith's boyfriend Lucas has a book coming out next January. I found it on Amazon and may not be able to help myself but preorder it 8 months early! Here's the link - isn't the cover art awesome?
Probably forgetting a ton of things. More later!

A Bummer

You may have noticed I haven't been posting very much lately. It's because I've just been so tired. Like, beyond tired because I have a very busy 2 year old on my hands all week while the hubs is out of town. I've also been feeling sick all of the time. It's been worrisome. And not good.

I'm not sure how often I've complained on the blog the past few months about my back pain, but it started up in November when I aggravated my sciatic nerve, which caused pain up my back and down my legs. The doctor at the time thought it was due to my scoliosis, which has never really given me much pain.

Actually my back hasn't been completely right since my last month of pregnancy, when Charlie turned and put a bunch of pressure on my lower back and his feet right on my ribs, which he kicked to high heaven and cracked. My coworkers started calling him Baby Cullen.

So my back hurt some for a while after having him (his constant need to be held and husband out of town didn't help matters either) and then a lot after November. Just an innocent night on the elliptical machine that turned into not being able to walk 2 hours later.

Anyways. I have such a bad habit of going off on tangents when I'm writing on this blog. But anyways, I saw an orthopedist, saw some neat x-rays, did physical therapy, tried a myriad of muscle related drugs and nothing really helped. One of the drawers in my bathroom has unintentionally become a graveyard of medicine that didn't do anything.

Over the past couple of months, the pain went from my back to all over. Kind of like the flu. Just achy and don't touch me and my usual bumping into walls or stubbing my toe became major painful events. I didn't feel like doing anything but laying down. This does present a problem with a toddler.

Getting up in the morning has been the worst. When I first wake up, I lie there and think OK, on the count of 3 I'm going to grit my teeth and sit up. Because.. ouch. Majorly stiff and just ... ouch.

I've had blood tests for everything under the sun and all came back clear. My doctor was trying to get the pain under control since he wasn't really sure what it was. Finally, Mother's Day weekend it was so bad, I asked my doctor to send me to a rheumatologist. It was time to visit the specialist and get an actual diagnosis, instead of just trying to treat the pain. I managed to get an appointment last Friday.

After filling out a long form and having a long discussion with him, the diagnosis looks like it will be fibromyalgia. Hearing that diagnosis confirmed was like being punched in the gut because doesn't that sound like something someone much older than 34 should have? But I had a feeling that's what it was going to be thanks to WebMD. I'm not a doctor but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

At the same time, it was also a relief to have something of a diagnosis. I haven't been able to get that so far from my primary care doctor or the other doctor I went to for a second opinion. So now I know what I need to do to get better.

I've started yet another prescription, but this one is actually working. In fact, in just the 2 days I've been taking it, I feel better than I have in months. I also need to exercise and watch my stress level. The doctor said stress is probably what brought it on and he thought it was a good thing I'd taken steps to de stress my life a bit.

With any luck, I will hopefully be able to get off the medicine in a few months. At least, that's what the doctor said and I really hope he's right. I don't think there's a "cure" per se, and I may always deal with this off and on, but I don't want to think about this being something I have the rest of my life. That's very scary to me.

Instead I'm just focusing on feeling better. I'm so excited to feel better. I miss all the things I used to be able to do before I felt like garbage all the time. I miss having energy. I miss tackling all my little projects. I miss Saturday morning spin class and going to the gym. Never thought I'd miss that. Mostly I just miss feeling like myself. Hopefully I will again soon.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A Very Happy Mother's Day

I didn't think I'd ever be able to post this! Blogger's "1 hour scheduled maintenance" turned into a 36+ hour event. Like I need help procrastinating. But every time I felt annoyed, I tried to remember hey! Blogger is free! Hard to complain too much.

ANYWAYS. I had an awesome Mother's day! Although, as Brad pointed out, the bar was pretty low. My first Mother's Day we were deep in the colic with Charlie, who was only 2 months old. We made it out to dinner (an accomplishment in itself), but had to hold Charlie the whole time because he was fussy and wouldn't sit in his carrier. We were exhausted when we got there and exhausted when we got home. The theme of life back then was "exhausted."

Last year we had a nice day, we stayed around the house, let Charlie play in his new water table and just kind of enjoyed each other. However, the restaurant I love that I was dying to go to (Pescados) isn't open on Sundays. You'd think any restaurant would take advantage of such a holiday and open, but not Pescados!

So we ended up at, of all places, Mexico. Crummy Mexican food. Really crummy if you've spent a large portion of your life within a stone's throw of excellent Mexican food. I'm pretty sure I hadn't even had time to shower that day, so it was that kind of day, too. Looking around at Mexico, it appeared we had good company with other families who also had small children and no time to shower. We visually bonded.

So our previous attempts at a respectable Mother's Day were a great joke this year. Brad had big fun suggesting we were heading back to Mexico that night. Especially when he mentioned going right after giving me my awesomely excessive gift - an iPad. Which I am in total love with. Much like my iPhone, I find myself asking, how did I EVER live without this?? At least, I'm asking that when I'm not busy shopping for all the accessories I need to go with it. Home run on the Mother's Day gift Bradford, home run.

We had originally planned to go to church and the mother's day brunch they were having there, but I did not feel well all weekend. I'll write another post on that, as it is quite the tale. Anyways, after establishing that there was no way I was going anywhere on Sunday, Brad brought me my favorite coffee from Starbucks and we watched some TV while playing with Charlie. I also opened my very sweet card, which may hang on the fridge until next Mother's Day. It was from the poodles, too. Loved it.

Brad eventually headed out to do some yard work, taking Charlie with him, as he is obsessed with anything Brad is doing outdoors. He wants to start up the leaf blower, push the lawn mower, work the weed eater. None of which he can actually do, but he pretends. And when his daddy has the GALL to actually use one of the devices without automatically handing it over to him, screams of unfairness ring across the neighborhood. Here we are, constantly reminding Charlie to share, and Daddy just really stinks at sharing.

Here are some pictures of Charlie in the mountain o' mulch. For some reason, the camera kept catching him with an angelic type glow around him. I assure you, the behavior both before and after these photos was less than angelic.

Later in the day, it was time to decide where to go to dinner. I have to admit, after a day of feeling quite crummy (and not having much to eat), I was seriously craving sushi stuffed with all sorts of bad stuff. Tempura fried mayo covered cream cheese, if you will. I was visualizing takeout, but Brad really wanted to take me out. The closest good sushi place had 1 option for kids - a sesame chicken bento box. While Charlie can be quite experimental, I wasn't willing to experiment with a $16 bento box for him.

So we settled on Cafe Mosaic, which has a kid's menu, lots of yummy options for us and amazing desserts. It also has a patio and the weather was beautiful and warm. So we got all dolled up and headed over. Yes, I actually showered for this Mother's Day meal.

Unfortunately, about 10 minutes after we secured our lovely patio table, Charlie had thrown a silverware roll, broken a bread plate, provided a few ear piercing screams and switched between high chair and a real chair about 4 times.

When the waitress told us the kitchen had a 35 minute wait time on each ticket, we said we'd take ours to go and how fast could she get out a couple of cava sangrias and an oatmeal raisin cookie for the screamer?

When those items arrived, we went from this:
to this:
Despite the delicious beverage and beautiful patio weather, it was one of the longer 35 minutes of my life. Fortunately, our neighbors on the patio found Charlie entertaining.

One table found it amusing I rewarded his bad behavior with a cookie and was kind enough to point this out to me. If they only knew I was just doing it to save their dinner from screamfest 2011. They had a 10 year old daughter. I'm sure the terrible 2's were quite different for them. She kept talking to her daughter about the meaning of the sermon at church. This 10 year old already has her exasperated "please leave me alone" face prepared for her teenage years.

When we finally got home with our food, I got Charlie in bed. When I came downstairs, Brad had lit candles, plated our food (on actual nice plates!) and got us all set up to watch a movie. We watched Legends of the Fall, which I surprisingly had never seen. Yes people, there was a Brad Pitt movie I had not seen. And he did not disappoint. I am now in love with the name Tristan. What a great movie. How have I never seen it?

So yeah, sounds like a pretty awesome day, huh? And Brad didn't even have to get up at the crack of dawn to leave the next morning - in fact, he was home all day! Didn't leave until Tuesday! Just icing on my Mother's Day cake. The recipe for which can probably be located on an iPad app I haven't located yet. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend/Mother's Day too! And let's give Blogger a nice round of applause for working again. *clap clap clap*

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Hodge of Podge

I'm really not sure what to call these collections of random bits of what's going on with us. Lindsay calls them Gumbo, which is a great name. I need to think of something similar. Anyways...
  • Brad is working from home this week, which has been a real treat. Charlie follows him everywhere he goes and wants to do everything he does. They both have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and Charlie tells Daddy how yummy they are the whole time.
  • My last official day of work was last Friday, April 29. I was so busy getting ready for the baptism weekend it really didn't hit me until this week. A bit of sadness, but also a lot of relief not to have all that work hanging over my head when I finally get Charlie to sleep. My stress level is at a lovely low level right now.
  • Charlie's new favorite words (even replacing No and Mine) are AGAIN and READY. Again means he wants you to do whatever you just did again - read a book, swing him around the room, play a game, etc. Ready means ready, set, go - he wants to race across the room. Charlie starts off with Ready and wants us to say Set, Go! He kind of cheats and starts running during "set."
  • With Brad in town I got a girls' night out last night. My friend Karen and I hit the Ivy Market at the University of Richmond and I even got to meet Eddie Ross. Nice guy, but all his stuff was way overpriced. Since I read his blog, I know he buys most of it for almost nothing, which makes paying $45 for a compote somewhat difficult. He is quite a personality, though! Afterwards, we went to Cafe Mosaic for a glass of wine and a slice of peanut butter pie - yum!
  • Karen and I have been having rather frequent girls' nights lately, what with restaurant week last week and my Stella and Dot party the week before. Now we're planning to see Water for Elephants at our favorite theatre where you can have wine and food with your movie, Cinebistro. I enjoyed the book and never turn down an opportunity to swoon over Robert Pattinson.
  • For restaurant week we hit up Rowland Fine Dining, which was good, but not great. The atmosphere and food didn't strike me as "fine dining" at all - it was actually rather casual. It's a good spot, but it's no Acacia or Julep's, my two Richmond faves. Glad I got to try something new, though.
  • I realize I'm about 5 hours late for the party on this one, but Kate Middleton's wedding dress - perfection, no? She is a style icon in the making. Can't wait to see how she dresses her inevitable baby bump.
  • If you missed the royal wedding broadcast (I know I did) the Fug Girls did a hilarious play by play here. I love the Fug Girls and all their snarkiness.
  • Charlie and I are starting two new classes next week. One is at Maymont - Toddler Time Down on the Farm, where they get to check out the animals and the farming operation there and such. It's targeted to kids his age. He'll also be doing a gymnastics class at Core Kids Academy. I love these types of classes. They wear him out. It will be nice to be a tad more scheduled for a few weeks.
  • For book club right now we are reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood. It was actually my suggestion, as she is my favorite author. I've read just about everything she's ever written, with the exception of her poetry. Call me uncultured, I just don't do poetry. Anyways, I had to order a new copy, as I appear to have pushed mine on someone else, telling them they HAVE to read this book. My other favorite by her is The Blind Assassin.
  • We have a fun weekend planned. We're getting together with friends on Saturday so the guys can play golf and the kids can have a play date. Since the weather is going to be beautiful, we're going to grill out afterwards.
  • On Mother's Day I think we'll head to church and go to the brunch they are having there. I'm hoping for a pedicure in the afternoon and some takeout from somewhere yummy (Wild Ginger maybe?) for dinner.
  • My sister Meredith is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I already can't wait! She emailed after Megan's wedding and said she just missed Charlie too much and had to come see him. So sweet. Brad's taking his photography class that weekend so she and I are going to find some fun things to do with Charlie.
  • Brad and I are still planning a fun getaway while Charlie spends a week with his Nana and PawPaw, who offered to take him so we could have some time to ourselves. The location keeps changing, but we are definitely flying out of DFW. You can fly direct to so many places! Looking at Hawaii now - direct to Maui on American. A few days there and a few over on Lanai, where we went on our honeymoon.
  • In other fun news, I've managed to swing myself an invite to my friend Lakshmy's sister's bachelorette party in Miami in July. I can't wait! Love Miami, love Lakshmy and her fam and love a fun girls' weekend. It's going to be awesome.
Well, things are really starting to pick up around this household, so I better sign off. An exciting morning of music class and trip to the wholesale club for Charlie and me. While Brad has been home he's been running out to Starbucks in the morning to get me my favorite drink (triple grande soy latte) - such a treat!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Charlie's Baptism

All dolled up in his baptism best

We had a really fun weekend with our out of town guests and celebrating Charlie's baptism. That being said, the baptism service itself was a lesson not to wait until your child is two to have them baptized. It was chaotic and crazy. Kind of circus-like. Lakshmy called it a comedy of errors I think.

I'm not really sure what got into Charlie that morning. He was in overdrive and even a sucker wouldn't give him pause. I suppose he was just overstimulated from all the fun visitors and new things to check out in the vestry office.... like the fire extinguisher. I had visions of bad things happening when I saw him so taken with it.
Hey you. Yeah you. I'm watching you.

In our defense of how crazy it ended up being, there were a lot of contributing factors in waiting so long to get this done. Like Brad traveling every week since Charlie was 5 weeks old. And me working full time and caring for Charlie on my own. If it didn't involve the basic necessities in life, it just didn't get done. So, in short, procrastination.

Our former church also had a weird way of doing baptisms, scheduling them for only a few times a year and there was a waiting list. The church we attend now is a lot more easy going. And in a fun twist of fate, the priest that performed the baptism is close friends with the priest in Dallas that married us. In fact, he spent a couple of years at St. Michael's right after we left for DC. Small world!

Anyways, I'm spending quite a bit of time discussing the 20 minutes of insanity that made up a small (but admittedly significant) portion of the weekend). The rest of the time was so much fun.

We were fortunate enough to have my mom fly in from Dallas Saturday morning. And Charlie's godparents, Lakshmy and Mike, drove down from DC on Saturday afternoon with their 1 year old son Kash. Who Charlie spent the weekend referring to as Crash.

After the kids went to bed Saturday night we had a nice, long dinner and got caught up. We especially had a good time talking about all the future trips we want to take the boys on in the coming years. They really did take to each other after an initial getting acquainted period. Kash takes a little time to warm up to other grown ups, so I didn't get to hold him and eat his adorable cheeks as much as I could have. But seriously, could you DIE this child is so cute??
Watching Charlie actually share toys with another child was a nice switch. Usually his battle cry is "MINE" and "MY TURN" when other kids are around. He would, after all, hate for anyone to forget he is 2.
Sunday morning we got up (some of us earlier than others, ahem, CRASH) and had breakfast and let the boys play before church. Then we got all gussied up and went over to St. Mary's.

I had visions of all sorts of wonderful pictures. Charlie with his godparents, his grandparents, the priest, with Kash, etc. But every time we tried to pick him up or persuade him to stand next to someone there was a loud protest. We were lucky to get this:
And after the baptism, back at the house for lunch, we did get a group shot with the godparents, though Charlie is about 3 seconds from losing it here:
But I am sad to report that there are no photos with my mom or with Charlie's Didi and Papa who drove in from Williamsburg. I am quite bummed about this. After the baptism service, where Charlie ran amok all over the chapel and wanted to play with the holy water, we headed outside where a fancy remote turned on the church bells. It was lovely.

Once it was over, Charlie ran to our car, stood by the door nearest the car seat and screamed HOME. I managed to get him to come over to say good bye to the priest, but that was it. We headed home.

I owe the priest a thank you note in the worst way. He was just so patient the whole time. He has sons and grandkids, so I think he understood. But even so, the service was just crazy and in between me, Brad, grandparents and godparents, nobody could persuade Charlie to sit down, stay still, be quiet or cooperate in any way. I did get him to let me hold him for the priest to put water on his head. He wasn't happy, but we got it done.
Back at the house we had a nice lunch and cake. Charlie and Kash both went down for naps and the adults visited (and ate more) until it was time for my mom to go to the airport. I couldn't believe it was already over! I always feel that way when people I love come to visit. What do you mean you have to leave???

Despite the fact the baptism service itself left a bit to be desired, the weekend itself was wonderful. We had people who love Charlie so much join us for a special milestone and suffice it to say, we won't forget this one!