Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The What's Up

What's been going on here lately? Oh, you know, the usual.....
Making messes, causing trouble, being stubborn and just general 2-ness!

Brad was in Chicago for a training this week and got home early on Thursday. It's been a nice treat having him for such a long weekend. I also got a treat from his trip to Chicago - a key necklace from Tiffany! I loooove it! Such a sweet surprise. Charlie got a big sucker from the airport and was equally excited. He is obsessed with suckers lately. I'm obsessed with my new necklace.

Our good friends/former neighbors are in town from London for a couple of weeks. Well, 3/4 of them are. We had a quick play date Monday. Three kids under 4 means everything is quick! I got to hold the new baby (4 months? 5 months?) and it was like holding air. Seriously, he weighed nothing. Poor thing has the worst reflux, though. Reminded me of Charlie with all his tummy gas when he was that age. It breaks your heart to watch them be so uncomfortable.... and their mothers be so sleep deprived.

We got to see them again last night at another friend's house. What started as patio happy hour for the ladies while the kids played ended up as dinner and margaritas for everyone once the husbands arrived. Charlie had a fantastic time! They had a bounce house, T-ball, sidewalk chalk, outdoor toys. He didn't want to leave! He loves being around the older kids. Thinks he's hot stuff.

We were going to meet up again today for the Village Green Fair up at Collegiate but it's supposed to thunderstorm all day. It's such a bummer - that fair is so much fun. Charlie and I went yesterday to meet up with a friend from book club and her 2 year old daughter, but all they had open were the shops and silent auction.

Charlie wanted to bid on the electric guitar - I could barely pull him away from it. I found him some fun wooden toys... and for $2 avoided a screamfest by just letting him take home the lavender baby doll stroller he wouldn't let go of. That's right - Charlie's obsessed with trucks, trains, airplanes... and a lavender baby doll stroller.

I had a Stella and Dot party this week. I'm usually not into parties where things are sold, but this one ended up being a lot of fun! I think a lot of people got their mother's day shopping done - for themselves or their mothers/MILs. They really do have a lot of cute stuff.

I served this Cooking Light Spinach Artichoke Dip that is a huge hit every time I make it. I also had a bunch of onions to use so I caramelized them and bought a round of pizza dough. Olive oil, onions, fontina and rosemary, 15 minutes in the oven and it was quite tasty! For dessert, fresh strawberries and pineapple with Nutella dip and store bought brownie bites. Yum yum!

Next weekend is Easter and I think we're going to try and take Charlie on his first Easter egg hunt! Other than that and church, we don't really have any plans. I'm sure Brad will have some food requests - probably my potato salad, which is a recipe I made up, and deviled eggs.

The weekend after Easter we are having Charlie baptized, so we're getting ready for that, too. His godparents and their son are coming down from DC and it will be fun to have them. Since Charlie is 2, the church wanted to do a private service for his baptism. I agree with them that trying to have Charlie up front during the main service for an extended period of time is probably not a great idea. I think the whole thing will be very low key. I'm just anxious to have it done - we have procrastinated long enough.

Brad and I are starting to think about taking a trip this summer, just the two of us. Because of his travel, we don't get much time together and time alone is even scarcer. He's got a bunch of Starwood and Ritz Carlton points and American Airlines miles. We will probably try and do the whole trip on points and miles. We originally talked about going back to Hawaii to where we spent our honeymoon, but now are starting to think of some other options. I'd love to do some scuba diving.

So that's about all that's going on with us. In other news, here are some Charlie anecdotes that surely only his grandparents and three adoring aunts will appreciate:

Charlie has been wanting to have his hair blown dry after his bath each night. Actually now he wants to hold the blow dryer himself. And one of my round brushes. If this isn't a sign that Brad needs to cut down on his travel, I don't know what is. Charlie also loves my makeup brushes.
I'm not sure where Charlie picks up some of his phrases, since he only wants to watch one TV show, but his latest one is to say Later! - instead of bye. Like, later dudes! I have no idea where that came from - heard it the first time when he said good bye to my mom after the wedding weekend. Later Nana!

The other thing he likes to tell everyone is that it is his turn. When he gets ahold of something he shouldn't have, he tells me MY TURN! No Charlie, it is NOT your turn with the scissors/that sharpie/dangerous cleaning product, etc. And it is pretty much perpetually his turn - I'm quite certain I've never heard him point out it is anyone else's turn!

We've had quite an issue lately with Charlie dumping things out all over the floor - water, juice, SAND, you name it. Afterwards he runs over and says Oh No! Like some tragic accident just occurred instead of him intentionally making a huge mess. It's a bit exasperating.

And lastly - Brad took this photo of Charlie during the wedding reception. Yes, Charlie is holding a pen and wearing a white shirt. The white shirt was much luckier than my mom's car and escaped without any pen marks. I think it's so cute how intent Charlie is on what he's writing. A congratulatory note to the bride and groom, I'm sure.
Happy Weekend everyone! xoxo

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