Thursday, April 28, 2011

Charlie's Easter

I realize Easter is like sooo last weekend, so this is a pretty pathetically overdue post. It has just been such a busy week! This is my last week of work before I'm officially a SAHM and I've been trying to get ready for company coming in and Charlie's baptism this weekend. Phew!

These are just some of the pictures, but I haven't yet figured out how to load photos from the SLR on my computer yet. Brad got some good ones! He's finally getting the hang of his camera. Of course, there are no family pictures. As soon as we got around to posing for one, Charlie was tired and didn't want to sit still and threw a fit. Photo session over. So there are photos of Brad and photos of Charlie and photos of me. Brad now takes pictures of me without telling me. Kind of unnerving!

Anyways. Our Easter was a good one, but rather tiring. And more eventful than probably any of us wanted. We decided last week to head down to Williamsburg to spend Saturday night and Easter Sunday with my in-laws. We drove down during Charlie's nap time, hoping he would sleep in the car. He didn't, so we just thought maybe he'd go to bed early that night.

When we arrived, Brad and his dad took off to play some golf and Sue and I waited for Clare to get in from Charlottesville and played with Charlie. During a rambunctious game of Ring Around the Rosy, Charlie fell down on some toys (big Legos I think) and banged up his face. Two cuts on his brow and some scratches on his face. He was bleeding and screaming. Not happy.

I thought for sure it would turn into a black eye, but really it just bruised a bit. Anyways, I think it must have hurt even after he settled down because he didn't want to go to bed that night. He finally went down, a tad later than I was hoping, after some ibuprofen.

We had a really nice dinner of steaks and crab cakes, along with a salad from the farmer's market. I had made my family's traditional bunny cake - strawberry cake with white frosting, cut to look like a bunny and decorated with paper plate ears and jelly beans. We went ahead and ate it that night because Clare was dying to have some! Boxed cake and a tub of frosting - I don't eat it often, but when I do, it tastes soooo good.

We watched the Social Network and then went to bed. Or tried to, at least. At 2am Charlie woke up screaming and crying. I think his cuts hurt, so we gave him more ibuprofen, calmed him down and put him back to bed. That lasted about 15 minutes.

When he was upset again, I told Brad I'd take care of it, since there was no point to us both being up and Charlie tends to want me when he's upset. He seemed hungry so I fed him, read him some stories and tried to put him back to bed. He immediately crawled out of the pack n' play and gave me his stubborn face. Excellent.

I think I finally got him down around 4 or 4:30. I went back to bed hoping he'd sleep in. He didn't, really. He was up and ready to go around 8. I was kind of delirious at that point. Brad went and got us some Starbucks and we got ready since everyone was coming at 11 for lunch.

Charlie and Brad took a walk and he came back bleeding and crying again - this time on his knees, from falling down on the street. After we got him cleaned up, I put him down for a nap and said I was just going to close my eyes for about 30 minutes. Two and a half hours later I woke up. Eeek.

We had a really nice lunch of ham, potato salad, fresh asparagus and roasted beets with key lime pie for dessert. Charlie sat at the table like a big boy and had some food and of course, talked the whole time.

After lunch, I let Charlie take apart his Easter basket... ok basketS plural. I got too much stuff and had to make 2 baskets. And Sue's sister-in-law Nancy also brought Charlie the sweetest little basket shaped like an egg and filled with adorable stuff.
His favorite items were this little wind up chicken that hops around - and scares him to death. He also really loves this Fire Truck book my Aunt Judy sent him, which has a very loud noise that goes off every time you push a button on the cover. I'm not sure what I did to anger my aunt and make her want to punish us so with that sound!! But he loves that book, carried it around all day.
After that, Sue's nephew Richard had very sweetly set up an Easter egg hunt for Charlie out front. Charlie didn't really understand the concept at first, but both Brad and Richard walked around with him, pointing out the eggs and he finally got it after the first few.
Sue just put one jelly bean in each egg, and it's a good thing - he wanted all of them opened and would have been sick to his stomach if each had had a ton of candy.
Finally, everyone headed home and we packed up and left for Richmond... and hopefully a nap. We were so exhausted from the night before. I think I got more sleep the night before Charlie's first Easter, when he as 6 weeks old! I remember that was the first night he slept through the night.

Once back in his crib, Charlie slept for a very long time that night! So did Brad - he went to bed at 8! I stayed up a while to talk to my mom, but was dead asleep by 9:30. Felt soooo good!

As a side note to our trip, the weekend before Easter, a tornado came through Art and Sue's neighborhood and we saw the damage as it stood a week later. It was incredible (in a bad way). I wasn't able to grasp the level of destruction from Sue's email about it, but after seeing it I'm amazed no one on their street was hurt or killed.

They live by the James River and there are some condo buildings right on the water, probably a half a mile away. The tornado must have come off the water and hit those buildings directly because big (several feet wide) chunks of roof came flying into the houses on their street - including one that slammed into their garage doors and another that is so big it's still sitting in their front yard, too heavy for people to lift.

One big chunk of the roof flew into their neighbor's house two doors down and went straight through the house. The tornado must have hit that house directly too because it is condemned now. Fortunately, the man who lives there was down the street having dinner with friends when it hit.

The other thing that was scary was seeing all the trees. I think trees damaged by tornados have the eeriest look about them. Just shorn off at odd angles and leaning in strange directions. The creek behind their house has tons of downed trees and a very large tree in their backyard was uprooted. Fortunately it fell parallel to the house because it would have slammed into the den where they were sitting at the time - until a wheelbarrow came flying by 6 feet off the ground. That's how they knew this wasn't just wind off the river or a thunderstorm coming.

All in all, it was very scary - mostly because they had no warning. There was no tornado warning in their county and so they didn't realize what was going on until they saw the wheelbarrow fly by. At that point, the storm was on top of them and there wasn't much they could do but get away from windows as quickly as possible. We feel very fortunate that they are safe. An early Easter blessing for sure that nothing happened that day that can't be repaired.

So that was our weekend! I know this is quite belated - but I hope everyone had a very Happy Easter! xoxo

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