Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Hodgepodge

Slow weekend for us over here. Charlie woke up from his Saturday nap with a fever. Brad had worked overnight last week one night and was exhausted. The weather kept threatening ice and snow, which turned out to be a coating on Sunday morning. It was the one pathetic snowfall I was actually in town for this winter. Sigh.

This morning Charlie was even sicker (I'll spare you the details) so we went to the doctor and the diagnosis is strep throat. Charlie's throat is aware we are flying to Dallas on Wednesday and have a big weekend coming up and is saying hahahaha on us. At least we caught it today. Poor kid just doesn't feel good at all and you can tell.

I'm letting him watch as much TV as he wants and got him a milkshake and french fries for lunch. I mean, that's what I would do if I was the one with strep throat. It's only fair!

Update: Brad has texted from Ann Arbor and is sick. In the same kind of way I spared you the details of with Charlie above. My throat is closing up and the acheys have arrived. Since we leave in 2 days and have a huge weekend ahead, this was predestined.
Before the onslaught of all this, we did have some fun in last week when the weather was warm and springy and beautiful. We went to multiple parks and the outdoor mall and took walks. It actually rained at the mall and Charlie has a new love of the umbrella. He walked around with it and told several people it rained. So helpful, that Charlie.
Deep Run park is my favorite one to take Charlie to. They have a playground just for the littler kids and lots of ducks. Charlie's new thing is to yell at the ducks to come to him. Ducks, dogs, same diff. They should come when called! It does kind of interrupt the peacefulness of the park, but that's the effect 2 year olds have on any environment they come across.
We got Charlie's 30% off Gap/Old Navy order last week. If you don't get those emails when Gap does the Give and Get 30% off sales, leave me a note and I'll send you an invite. They should not be missed if you go through as many costume changes as we do on a daily basis.

Since Christmas can never be as exciting as it was when we were kids, I try to make up for it with the excitement of opening up packages of things ordered online. So far I can't get anyone else in the house to share my excitement. Even for the little seersucker shorts I found him from Old Navy! Zoe was mildly excited I guess.

We did a little dry run with Charlie last week in his suit and tie and new shoes so I could see it all together before my sister's wedding. How cute is this??? I'm happy to report he tolerated the tie just fine. It was the jacket that seemed to get on his nerves and it got thrown on the ground pretty quickly. He loves his new Converse. All the better to tear up the dance floor with.
I still need to find him a belt, though, because the pants keep falling down. No luck on my shopping venture Friday. Luckily I have the sitter coming tomorrow afternoon so I can run last minute errands. Mission #1 is a belt. Update: I will now be going to urgent care, so the belt is quickly dropping in priority. Maybe he can just wear 2 diapers that day!

Mission #2 is things that will keep Charlie busy on the plane.... because our painful flights with him have been the result of not having purchased the right game to play with, obviously. And the doctor thinks that by Wednesday the antibiotics will have Charlie back to his old self. As someone who has nearly gone insane flying with Charlie's "old self", I am DEEPLY relieved.

Well, off to start packing for the big weekend! Yes, you read that correctly. We leave Wednesday and I pack Monday. It will take me the entire time to do so and I will still be stressing about whether I packed appropriately as we pull down the driveway. And as adorably vampire-like as my pasty pale skin is, I'll also be spray tanning. My current favorite is the Banana Boat brand if you are looking to coat your skin in chemicals for vanity. Hey, it's better than the real sun.

Hope everyone else is well! If you see us, avoid us, we are sick. :(


Lakshmy said...

Oh my gosh, Charlie looks ADORABLE in his little suit! Gotta hand it to him - the kid may be messy with a cupcake, but he cleans up well! Hope you guys have a great time at the wedding!!

colleen k said...

oh my God!! Charlie is his suit!! i love it! sooo cute :)