Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kash's First Birthday

We went up to DC this past weekend to celebrate this little cutie's first birthday. Isn't he adorable?? It had been a while since we'd seen him, so we were all very excited. Our good friends, Lakshmy and Mike had a big birthday party for him at their house.

The party was great, tons of people showed up and Kash got all kinds of neat loot. Kash's parents ordered him a beautiful blueberry birthday cake and a mini cake, just for him.

He wasn't too sure about his smash cake. Like his mother, he is not big on sweets. He played with this cake for a while, declared himself finished, and went off in search of other messes to make.
Not eating cake is a foreign concept to Charlie, who would eat it for every meal if given the opportunity. He is also like his mother in that regard. He decided to demonstrate for Kash and the party attendees the proper way to attack a cupcake. While wearing a festive hat, of course.
Charlie was quite helpful in assisting Kash in trying out his new toys. Things even got a tad rowdy with the toys periodically..
Charlie's favorite toy of Kash's was the guitar. Charlie has been ALL about guitars and drums lately. I could recite the Caillou episode on the topic. Backwards. In pig latin.

Later in the party, Charlie got to switch from a toy guitar to a real guitar. If one can realize a lifelong dream at the age of 2, than I think Charlie did.

Mike pulled out his guitar and started playing... and was nice enough to let Charlie try on his acoustic guitar and play with it. Charlie thought he was pretty hot stuff and I think he could have happily sat on the sofa with that guitar all night long.
Kash was fairly certain this was his guitar. And he was right. Even 1 year olds find 2 year olds hard to deal with!
By the time Charlie had declared true love for the guitar, though, it was time to leave. He was pooped, we were pooped, it was time to rest. This did not go over well.

Charlie screamed his little head off and we practically ran out of the house with him to save everyone's ears. The screaming continued through the car ride until we were at the hotel. Sniffling continued until we gave him some pizza. When in doubt, feed Charlie some pizza.

That night we stayed in downtown Silver Spring and headed back to Richmond in the morning. We stayed at a Homewood Suites, which I have to give kudos to for being an awesome place to stay with a child.

Having the extra room to put the pack n' play in made all the difference. If Charlie can't see us he will eventually go to sleep. In fact, he slept late on Sunday morning, all tuckered out from partying.

Plus a big fridge for milk and snacks and breakfast downstairs as soon as you get up. I'm annoyingly grown up about these things now, foregoing swanky for practical when it comes to hotels.

We stopped by the house on our way out of town to say goodbye to everyone and Charlie got attached to another item - Kash's new toy lawn mower. It was another scream fest as we left. Kind of mortifying, but also a little funny. You know, in a "going deaf" and "laughing at your upset child" kind of way.

Hoping to see this crew again here soon, as going to visit for the party made me realize how much I miss them! Happy Birthday Kash!

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Lakshmy said...

Ha - love the pics for this posting. Charlie looks like a pro with the acousitc guitar strap around his neck. I think it may be time for some lessons....