Friday, March 18, 2011


Things have felt so busy around here lately. I am still working part time, but Charlie's now erratic napping schedule and difficulty adjusting to daylight savings time has made it harder to squeeze work in during his down time. Lately life has been Charlie and work, with a few necessary extras on the side. Well, for me. Life for Brad has been work, work and some more work.

I don't remember daylight savings being so challenging last year. Perhaps it was because Charlie was in daycare, where he wouldn't nap, and would come home completely exhausted. This year he is hard to get up in the morning, cranky, doesn't want to nap (and some days just flat out doesn't) and then it's hard to get him to go down at night. I'm trying to adjust things in 15 minute increments, but so far, our schedule is still off.

My sister's wedding is in a couple of weeks and I have been trying to get us all prepared, with appropriate outfits and shoes for the events. Wow that sounds so shallow when I type it out. I'm busy because I've been shopping.

Anyways, Charlie is going to be the little ring bearer and I found him the cutest little tie on Etsy! It just arrived a couple of days ago. I also got him some little Jack Purcell Converse to wear with his suit and they are darling. They are also white, so I anticipate a limited shelf life for them.

I've been on the hunt for something for me to wear to the bridesmaid lunch and rehearsal dinner. I have to say, not the best season for dresses out there. I try to do most of my shopping online, since you don't even want to know what Charlie is like to try and shop with at the mall. So far everything I've ordered has to go back for one reason or another. I have a couple more coming that I hope hope hope will work.

Even though I can't really shop with him, we do like to go up to the outdoor mall near us and walk around. I was even able to buy Brad a new dress shirt recently. Charlie insisted on carrying the bag, which was hilarious. He climbed up on a bench and was every bit the exhausted shopper.
This weekend we're heading up to DC to celebrate our friends' baby's first birthday. We haven't seen them in forever, so we're really looking forward to it. We're planning to stay overnight, at a hotel kind of close to where we used to live and just have some fun walking around and checking things out. Hopefully our favorite old coffee shop, Kefa Cafe, will be open. We just love the sweet ladies that own it.

I'm also hoping for an IKEA stop on the way home Sunday, but Brad is about the worst person to take to IKEA. I'll be just getting started and he'll tell me he's going to go get in line. I can't be rushed in IKEA!
Let's see, what else is going on... Charlie's been gradually becoming more, ahem, TWO lately. Oh the defiance! If I dare say, no Charlie, don't do that, he does whatever *that* is with extra gusto while staring straight at me! He loves to say "no" even when he means yes. I guess "no" just has a nice ring to it!

He's picking up words at a rapid pace. The other morning when he woke up, he was talking all about drums and guitars. Did he have a dream about them? Not sure. There is a Caillou episode on Sprout about drums and guitars, so maybe he was talking about that. Wish I could jump inside his brain and see what is going on.

No real updates on the book front. I haven't even had time to read lately! We're reading Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann for book club and I just can't get into it. I have a whole other stack of books on my bedside table just waiting to be tackled when I get the time.

Hopefully next week will be more calm. I owe some people phone calls big time. And I think I'm finally going to get to go see The King's Speech with my friend Karen.

Next weekend will be pretty low key. Brad's in Ann Arbor next week and will probably come back pretty tired. We leave the following Wednesday for my mom's Teacher of the Year banquet in McKinney and my sister's wedding! Can't believe they're almost here!

I guess that's it! Happy weekend everyone!

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