Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bits of Random

I'm packing to leave for my sister's wedding. Kind of tricky leaving coldish weather for nice, warm spring weather in Dallas. I cashed in my credit card reward points and bought some new shoes for spring and summer. Is it wrong to hug a shoe? You know, if you really love it? Because that's what I'm doing right now.

I ended up having strep throat too but after a kazillion hours of sleep last night am feeling much better. Charlie seems on the mend and so does Brad. None of us have much of an appetite, though. Hope that improves in time for the rehearsal dinner, which is at Mattitos in Uptown. YUM!

I am flying home alone on Monday with Charlie and sweet Brad upgraded us so we'd have bigger seats and some more space and flight attendents who feel obligated to be nicer to us. If I can keep Charlie from downing too many mimosas, I think it will be a nice flight. I'm not dreading it like I was. Though last time there was a really nasty woman in front of us annoyed that a small child was allowed in first class. I hope she's not there.

As a long time Barefoot Contessa fan, I was really disappointed to read that she had turned down a 6 year old with terminal leukemia whose wish through the Make a Wish foundation was to meet with her. She turned him down twice, so it's hard to view it as an oversight. Really makes me view her differently and I even sent her an email telling her so. Seems like her charity work seems to revolve more around keeping the Hamptons swanky. Apparently she is now reaching out to this child to invite him to the Food Network studios (not her home where she films the show, heavens no), but his new wish through the foundation is swimming with dolphins, so they are staying out of it. What a jerk.

I've been trying to get into Swagbucks, which is this search engine that awards you points that you can use to buy gift cards and other rewards. Some people are really into it and find all these ways to maximize their points. While I love the concept, I'm suffering from a bit of Swagbucks apathy as far as figuring out how to do it. Any Swag addicts out there?

Finally saw the King's Speech last week with my friend Karen. She is a great movie date. There is no question as to whether we are getting popcorn and the question 'do you want butter?' is met with an immediate 'YES' so we are quite compatible moviegoers. The movie was great, very enjoyable. Helena Bonham Carter may be a crazy wacked out dresser, but she's a great actress.

Don't ask me how I found it, because I actually don't remember, but the blog for the NPR show, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, runs a feature called "Sandwich Monday" where they review a sandwich that most of us (well, besides my dad) wouldn't consider eating. I've only read a few, but their review of a veggie burger with bacon (named "The Hypocrite") was hilarious. Read, enjoy, it's quite funny.

After reading about it on another blog, I ordered this Stomp Rocket for Charlie for his birthday off Amazon. It is so much fun! Ten dollars well spent. Charlie can even make the rocket go on his own because it doesn't take much of a stomp to send it flying. It's good for indoors too because the rockets are soft and don't damage the ceiling.

Ok, I think that's all the random topics I've got. Happy Hump Day!

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