Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bits of Random

I'm packing to leave for my sister's wedding. Kind of tricky leaving coldish weather for nice, warm spring weather in Dallas. I cashed in my credit card reward points and bought some new shoes for spring and summer. Is it wrong to hug a shoe? You know, if you really love it? Because that's what I'm doing right now.

I ended up having strep throat too but after a kazillion hours of sleep last night am feeling much better. Charlie seems on the mend and so does Brad. None of us have much of an appetite, though. Hope that improves in time for the rehearsal dinner, which is at Mattitos in Uptown. YUM!

I am flying home alone on Monday with Charlie and sweet Brad upgraded us so we'd have bigger seats and some more space and flight attendents who feel obligated to be nicer to us. If I can keep Charlie from downing too many mimosas, I think it will be a nice flight. I'm not dreading it like I was. Though last time there was a really nasty woman in front of us annoyed that a small child was allowed in first class. I hope she's not there.

As a long time Barefoot Contessa fan, I was really disappointed to read that she had turned down a 6 year old with terminal leukemia whose wish through the Make a Wish foundation was to meet with her. She turned him down twice, so it's hard to view it as an oversight. Really makes me view her differently and I even sent her an email telling her so. Seems like her charity work seems to revolve more around keeping the Hamptons swanky. Apparently she is now reaching out to this child to invite him to the Food Network studios (not her home where she films the show, heavens no), but his new wish through the foundation is swimming with dolphins, so they are staying out of it. What a jerk.

I've been trying to get into Swagbucks, which is this search engine that awards you points that you can use to buy gift cards and other rewards. Some people are really into it and find all these ways to maximize their points. While I love the concept, I'm suffering from a bit of Swagbucks apathy as far as figuring out how to do it. Any Swag addicts out there?

Finally saw the King's Speech last week with my friend Karen. She is a great movie date. There is no question as to whether we are getting popcorn and the question 'do you want butter?' is met with an immediate 'YES' so we are quite compatible moviegoers. The movie was great, very enjoyable. Helena Bonham Carter may be a crazy wacked out dresser, but she's a great actress.

Don't ask me how I found it, because I actually don't remember, but the blog for the NPR show, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, runs a feature called "Sandwich Monday" where they review a sandwich that most of us (well, besides my dad) wouldn't consider eating. I've only read a few, but their review of a veggie burger with bacon (named "The Hypocrite") was hilarious. Read, enjoy, it's quite funny.

After reading about it on another blog, I ordered this Stomp Rocket for Charlie for his birthday off Amazon. It is so much fun! Ten dollars well spent. Charlie can even make the rocket go on his own because it doesn't take much of a stomp to send it flying. It's good for indoors too because the rockets are soft and don't damage the ceiling.

Ok, I think that's all the random topics I've got. Happy Hump Day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Hodgepodge

Slow weekend for us over here. Charlie woke up from his Saturday nap with a fever. Brad had worked overnight last week one night and was exhausted. The weather kept threatening ice and snow, which turned out to be a coating on Sunday morning. It was the one pathetic snowfall I was actually in town for this winter. Sigh.

This morning Charlie was even sicker (I'll spare you the details) so we went to the doctor and the diagnosis is strep throat. Charlie's throat is aware we are flying to Dallas on Wednesday and have a big weekend coming up and is saying hahahaha on us. At least we caught it today. Poor kid just doesn't feel good at all and you can tell.

I'm letting him watch as much TV as he wants and got him a milkshake and french fries for lunch. I mean, that's what I would do if I was the one with strep throat. It's only fair!

Update: Brad has texted from Ann Arbor and is sick. In the same kind of way I spared you the details of with Charlie above. My throat is closing up and the acheys have arrived. Since we leave in 2 days and have a huge weekend ahead, this was predestined.
Before the onslaught of all this, we did have some fun in last week when the weather was warm and springy and beautiful. We went to multiple parks and the outdoor mall and took walks. It actually rained at the mall and Charlie has a new love of the umbrella. He walked around with it and told several people it rained. So helpful, that Charlie.
Deep Run park is my favorite one to take Charlie to. They have a playground just for the littler kids and lots of ducks. Charlie's new thing is to yell at the ducks to come to him. Ducks, dogs, same diff. They should come when called! It does kind of interrupt the peacefulness of the park, but that's the effect 2 year olds have on any environment they come across.
We got Charlie's 30% off Gap/Old Navy order last week. If you don't get those emails when Gap does the Give and Get 30% off sales, leave me a note and I'll send you an invite. They should not be missed if you go through as many costume changes as we do on a daily basis.

Since Christmas can never be as exciting as it was when we were kids, I try to make up for it with the excitement of opening up packages of things ordered online. So far I can't get anyone else in the house to share my excitement. Even for the little seersucker shorts I found him from Old Navy! Zoe was mildly excited I guess.

We did a little dry run with Charlie last week in his suit and tie and new shoes so I could see it all together before my sister's wedding. How cute is this??? I'm happy to report he tolerated the tie just fine. It was the jacket that seemed to get on his nerves and it got thrown on the ground pretty quickly. He loves his new Converse. All the better to tear up the dance floor with.
I still need to find him a belt, though, because the pants keep falling down. No luck on my shopping venture Friday. Luckily I have the sitter coming tomorrow afternoon so I can run last minute errands. Mission #1 is a belt. Update: I will now be going to urgent care, so the belt is quickly dropping in priority. Maybe he can just wear 2 diapers that day!

Mission #2 is things that will keep Charlie busy on the plane.... because our painful flights with him have been the result of not having purchased the right game to play with, obviously. And the doctor thinks that by Wednesday the antibiotics will have Charlie back to his old self. As someone who has nearly gone insane flying with Charlie's "old self", I am DEEPLY relieved.

Well, off to start packing for the big weekend! Yes, you read that correctly. We leave Wednesday and I pack Monday. It will take me the entire time to do so and I will still be stressing about whether I packed appropriately as we pull down the driveway. And as adorably vampire-like as my pasty pale skin is, I'll also be spray tanning. My current favorite is the Banana Boat brand if you are looking to coat your skin in chemicals for vanity. Hey, it's better than the real sun.

Hope everyone else is well! If you see us, avoid us, we are sick. :(

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kash's First Birthday

We went up to DC this past weekend to celebrate this little cutie's first birthday. Isn't he adorable?? It had been a while since we'd seen him, so we were all very excited. Our good friends, Lakshmy and Mike had a big birthday party for him at their house.

The party was great, tons of people showed up and Kash got all kinds of neat loot. Kash's parents ordered him a beautiful blueberry birthday cake and a mini cake, just for him.

He wasn't too sure about his smash cake. Like his mother, he is not big on sweets. He played with this cake for a while, declared himself finished, and went off in search of other messes to make.
Not eating cake is a foreign concept to Charlie, who would eat it for every meal if given the opportunity. He is also like his mother in that regard. He decided to demonstrate for Kash and the party attendees the proper way to attack a cupcake. While wearing a festive hat, of course.
Charlie was quite helpful in assisting Kash in trying out his new toys. Things even got a tad rowdy with the toys periodically..
Charlie's favorite toy of Kash's was the guitar. Charlie has been ALL about guitars and drums lately. I could recite the Caillou episode on the topic. Backwards. In pig latin.

Later in the party, Charlie got to switch from a toy guitar to a real guitar. If one can realize a lifelong dream at the age of 2, than I think Charlie did.

Mike pulled out his guitar and started playing... and was nice enough to let Charlie try on his acoustic guitar and play with it. Charlie thought he was pretty hot stuff and I think he could have happily sat on the sofa with that guitar all night long.
Kash was fairly certain this was his guitar. And he was right. Even 1 year olds find 2 year olds hard to deal with!
By the time Charlie had declared true love for the guitar, though, it was time to leave. He was pooped, we were pooped, it was time to rest. This did not go over well.

Charlie screamed his little head off and we practically ran out of the house with him to save everyone's ears. The screaming continued through the car ride until we were at the hotel. Sniffling continued until we gave him some pizza. When in doubt, feed Charlie some pizza.

That night we stayed in downtown Silver Spring and headed back to Richmond in the morning. We stayed at a Homewood Suites, which I have to give kudos to for being an awesome place to stay with a child.

Having the extra room to put the pack n' play in made all the difference. If Charlie can't see us he will eventually go to sleep. In fact, he slept late on Sunday morning, all tuckered out from partying.

Plus a big fridge for milk and snacks and breakfast downstairs as soon as you get up. I'm annoyingly grown up about these things now, foregoing swanky for practical when it comes to hotels.

We stopped by the house on our way out of town to say goodbye to everyone and Charlie got attached to another item - Kash's new toy lawn mower. It was another scream fest as we left. Kind of mortifying, but also a little funny. You know, in a "going deaf" and "laughing at your upset child" kind of way.

Hoping to see this crew again here soon, as going to visit for the party made me realize how much I miss them! Happy Birthday Kash!

Friday, March 18, 2011


Things have felt so busy around here lately. I am still working part time, but Charlie's now erratic napping schedule and difficulty adjusting to daylight savings time has made it harder to squeeze work in during his down time. Lately life has been Charlie and work, with a few necessary extras on the side. Well, for me. Life for Brad has been work, work and some more work.

I don't remember daylight savings being so challenging last year. Perhaps it was because Charlie was in daycare, where he wouldn't nap, and would come home completely exhausted. This year he is hard to get up in the morning, cranky, doesn't want to nap (and some days just flat out doesn't) and then it's hard to get him to go down at night. I'm trying to adjust things in 15 minute increments, but so far, our schedule is still off.

My sister's wedding is in a couple of weeks and I have been trying to get us all prepared, with appropriate outfits and shoes for the events. Wow that sounds so shallow when I type it out. I'm busy because I've been shopping.

Anyways, Charlie is going to be the little ring bearer and I found him the cutest little tie on Etsy! It just arrived a couple of days ago. I also got him some little Jack Purcell Converse to wear with his suit and they are darling. They are also white, so I anticipate a limited shelf life for them.

I've been on the hunt for something for me to wear to the bridesmaid lunch and rehearsal dinner. I have to say, not the best season for dresses out there. I try to do most of my shopping online, since you don't even want to know what Charlie is like to try and shop with at the mall. So far everything I've ordered has to go back for one reason or another. I have a couple more coming that I hope hope hope will work.

Even though I can't really shop with him, we do like to go up to the outdoor mall near us and walk around. I was even able to buy Brad a new dress shirt recently. Charlie insisted on carrying the bag, which was hilarious. He climbed up on a bench and was every bit the exhausted shopper.
This weekend we're heading up to DC to celebrate our friends' baby's first birthday. We haven't seen them in forever, so we're really looking forward to it. We're planning to stay overnight, at a hotel kind of close to where we used to live and just have some fun walking around and checking things out. Hopefully our favorite old coffee shop, Kefa Cafe, will be open. We just love the sweet ladies that own it.

I'm also hoping for an IKEA stop on the way home Sunday, but Brad is about the worst person to take to IKEA. I'll be just getting started and he'll tell me he's going to go get in line. I can't be rushed in IKEA!
Let's see, what else is going on... Charlie's been gradually becoming more, ahem, TWO lately. Oh the defiance! If I dare say, no Charlie, don't do that, he does whatever *that* is with extra gusto while staring straight at me! He loves to say "no" even when he means yes. I guess "no" just has a nice ring to it!

He's picking up words at a rapid pace. The other morning when he woke up, he was talking all about drums and guitars. Did he have a dream about them? Not sure. There is a Caillou episode on Sprout about drums and guitars, so maybe he was talking about that. Wish I could jump inside his brain and see what is going on.

No real updates on the book front. I haven't even had time to read lately! We're reading Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann for book club and I just can't get into it. I have a whole other stack of books on my bedside table just waiting to be tackled when I get the time.

Hopefully next week will be more calm. I owe some people phone calls big time. And I think I'm finally going to get to go see The King's Speech with my friend Karen.

Next weekend will be pretty low key. Brad's in Ann Arbor next week and will probably come back pretty tired. We leave the following Wednesday for my mom's Teacher of the Year banquet in McKinney and my sister's wedding! Can't believe they're almost here!

I guess that's it! Happy weekend everyone!

Charlie's 2 Year Doctor Appointment

We're going where??

I kid you not, up until the check up on Monday, we had not been to the pediatrician's office since Charlie's pneumonia in September. I think Charlie actually forgot what the place was and all that it represents.

As I walked into the waiting room I remembered not too long ago wishing they'd put a dang Starbucks in the corner for all the desperate, sleep deprived parents who come in there. Still no Starbucks, but the turtles look like they're doing quite well in their tank.

Probably because he couldn't quite place where we were, Charlie was in a chipper happy mood for the first half of his appointment. He learned to say the word "doctor" that morning and repeated it over and over. He babbled to the nurses and had no problem running around in his diaper, shoes and socks after being weighed. A great look for him.

It was all fun and games until it was time to check the ears. Poor Charlie has such waxy ears. The doctor tried to clear them out enough to get a look in there and they both bled. :( And my baby cried. :(

After that, it was time for me to go talk with the doctor in his office alone while the nurse looked after Charlie. That was another highly unpopular part of the appointment. After that it was time for his shot - hepatitis B. I think at that point he'd screamed right through the second half of the appointment.

Charlie weighed in at 27 pounds even and measured at 35 1/2 inches tall. He remains in the 25-50% percentile for weight and the 50-75th percentile for height.

We haven't had many problems with the asthma this fall/winter/spring. I feel very blessed to say our biggest current problems are waxy ears and some eczema spots. And that is so very awesome.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

2 Years of Charlie

I still can't believe I have a 2 year old. I've been successfully avoiding writing this post because I didn't want to sit down and type out exactly how this child is every bit a toddler and no longer a baby. It makes me weepy.

I have been starting to plan for Charlie's big boy room and trying not to think about how sad I'm going to be to say good-bye to the nursery. It feels like we just brought him home... yet it also feels like it's been a lifetime since then.

I'm pretty sure Charlie's been talking constantly since my 21ish month post. He talks all the time. It will always be the predominate thing I remember about him as a baby. Talk talk talk. Now more of the words make sense and he's tackling more syllables and stringing 2 and 3 word sentences together.

Some of these are quite funny, especially little Charlie telling all of us what to do. He has a demonic/growly voice he uses with the poodles when they are getting on his nerves. Row-Ree (Zoe) NOOOOOO.

For Brad and me, he uses his normal voice and very matter-of-factly tells us his expectations. This morning he took one of my shoes to put on and when I told him I needed it back so I could put it on he said "no, my turn." Quite calmly: back off Mommy, remember that whole spiel you gave me at the park about taking turns??

That's been a really cute thing lately - Charlie loves to put on our socks and shoes and walk around. He pulls the socks up to his knees and any shoes will do - even high heels. He recently started wanting his hair blown dry after his bath. It takes a few minutes, but does look quite nice afterwards! He's also been into helping me clean recently. He wants a paper towel and he is going to help! It's so cute and very sweet.

Charlie's finally gotten pickier on the food and vegetables are only acceptable when delivered through an appropriate vehicle. Preferably, pizza. Broccoli on its own = bad. On pizza = delicious. We also go through phases where a certain food is awesome, like instant oatmeal, and then as soon as I've gotten all stocked up on it, will not do, not at all. Pancakes, pizza and ice cream remain constants, though.

He has such a sweet tooth, it's funny to watch. He actually cried and cried at this birthday party we went to today because there was a cake that he could see but could not have yet. The other parents were worried he was HURT - that's how dramatic it was. When he finally got his slice, all the tears stopped and he was the last one to leave the room as he savored each bite of his cake. If he could have pushed the birthday girl aside to get the first piece, I'm fairly certain he would have.

On the sleeping front, I have stupidly thought to myself several times in the past few weeks how incredibly blessed we are, we're so lucky blah blah blah. 11 to 12 hours at night and a good 3 hour nap in the afternoon. I jinxed myself. Charlie has now not take his nap for the past few days. I'm hoping it's a phase. I need that sanity time! Brad is gone and it's just me! Surely Charlie understands this and will nap accordingly, right??

Bed time and diaper changes have become a struggle. How do you torture someone with a bad back? Hand her a squirming toddler who needs to be carried up the stairs. Sheesh. I get so scared I'm going to drop him. He is STRONG! Not sure what is suddenly so objectionable again about diaper changes, but he's never really liked them since birth. That and being cold. The first 5 minutes after bath time is pretty torturous as well.

We used to happily snuggle up and read books before bed. Lots of books, sometimes over and over. But now Charlie wants to run down to our room and get into trouble, throw things around, get up on our bed and play 'night night.' I let it go on for a little while and then plop him in his crib and read him a couple of books from there. He's just too curious now for our old routine. Maybe we'll get it back in the future.

There are cries of protest (from him), explanations that it's time for him to get some sleep (from me) and then magical, happy silence as soon as the nursery door closes (from both of us). I tell you what, our current bed time routine has me in no rush to switch to a big boy bed. I'd never get him to sleep!
I realize I sound a little complain-y here and I'm not trying to be. For as many changes that take away something I love, there are other new things that I love. I love playing 'night night' as much as I loved reading books. I love understanding what he's telling me now. He's just getting older. Sigh. I wish I was better with change. Now I understand why my dad always made me promise not to grow up when I was a little girl.

Charlie's favorite thing to do is be outside. We have a big backyard and he likes to run around checking things out. There's a sandbox, piles of dirt to dig in and water to play with. Quite heavenly for the 2 year old boy set. He also loves any park, but not so much for the equipment - just somewhere to explore. The outdoor dog-friendly shopping mall near us is a favorite Charlie spot, too. I'm glad the weather is getting warmer because any day spent outside is a perfect day for Charlie.
As for toys, Charlie is all about cars and trucks and trains. He points them out everywhere. When we're at my parents' house, he also likes to point out airplanes. He also loves to ride things and push his shopping cart around, play at his kitchen and try to figure out his Mr. Potato Head. When the crayons are out, no solid surface is safe. I think I'll get him some chalk soon, that'll probably clean up easier than the crayon. Search and destroy, that's Charlie's motto.

He loves to watch "show", too - his favorites are Zoboomafoo and Caillou on Sprout. Occasionally Thomas the Train. I think Caillou is his #1 favorite right now - he has learned to say Ay-yoo and it's the first show he asks for.

Pictures and video of him are more challenging than ever. As soon as he sees one of us holding a camera, he wants to hold it and boom, your photo/video op is over. Which makes for pictures like so:
Funny, but when 9 out of 10 of them look like this, I don't find them quite as humorous. I'm scared a lot of the time that I'm going to forget all the adorable things that make Charlie this age without appropriate documentation.

I'm already forgetful enough. I called a flamingo (yard art) a penguin earlier this afternoon at the garden center when pointing it out to Charlie. So relieved nobody heard me. Complete strangers would have judged me, whereas blog readers will embrace and understand. Right?

I managed to reschedule Charlie's 2 year doctor appointment for Monday. Now all I have to do is remember it. That seems to be the major challenge lately. So we'll find out all the stats then.

We haven't been to the doctor in ages. I'm not sure if it was pulling him out of daycare or getting older or what, but Charlie hasn't been sick since he had pneumonia over Labor Day weekend. There I go, jinxing myself again. He worried me a couple of times when he was cutting his two year molars, but those fevers passed quickly.

I think he might have all of his teeth now, but he won't let me in to look. Will a dentist appointment be next? I hope they don't lecture me. Charlie is not the most compliant teeth brusher, no matter how many books or TV programs I show him on the topic. We had a brief stint of good brushing when my mom found him an electric toothbrush with Thomas the Train on it at Target, but he's tired of it now and pushes it away and clamps his mouth down. Might as well brush the teeth of a snapping turtle. It gets nasty!

You just can't get mad at the kid, though. He is so sweet and loving. And curious and playful and determined. He gives lots of hugs and kisses and is so excited every time his Daddy comes home from a trip. He's even kind of learned to tease Brad by telling him bye bye daddy during the weekend. Brad will say no! I'm staying! And Charlie laughs and says no, bye bye. He cracks himself up.

So that's a little of what it's like to live with 2 year old Charlie! Doctor appointment stats will be up next!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Have a Seat

Actually don't, because I haven't quite figured out how to get all of these seats screwed back on their bases yet. Wouldn't want you to tip over. That was such a nice warning to give my in-laws right before Charlie's birthday dinner: try not to move around too much in your seat - things are really iffy in here!

I recovered these seats myself; my first time tackling such a project. Here is what they looked like before:
I ordered the (ridiculously priced) striped fabric when I had the curtains for the dining and living rooms made. My clueless designer at Williams & Sherill had me order about twice as much as I needed, so please, come be as messy as you like at my house - I can recover these chairs again no problem! Probably twice!

We received this dining room set as a wedding gift from Brad's dad and stepmom about 8 1/2 years ago, so the cream fabric that came with it was looking very tired. Exhausted actually. It's nice to have something fun and colorful on the chairs now, but it was a bit more painful getting the project done than I thought it would be.

For one thing, when I removed the seats from the frames, I didn't keep track of which seat belongs to which frame. This is making it quite tricky to screw them back on because holes for the screws are all in different places by just a millimeter or so. That's why most of the seats haven't been screwed back in - I just haven't been in the mood for trial-and-error type frustration lately.

The first chair I covered, I forgot about the holes entirely and just covered them on up with fabric! Oops. I dealt with that problem Texas-style. Not with duct tape (though that has me thinking...), but a pocket knife to cut out little holes for the screws to go through.

I got myself a high powered staple gun at the hardware store, but even with that, I have to really press down to get the staples to go into the wood. I had to hammer in a bunch of the staples that were sticking out too much. Others I just left, thinking, hey! next time I want to recover these, taking the old fabric off will be a snap! Quality workmanship at its finest. And a lot of hand cramps from the staple gun.

After I got the fabric stapled on all the seats, I remembered that I had actually intended to place the stripes vertically instead of horizontally, just to mix it up a bit. I am now trying to forget that I remembered this because there is just no way I'm redoing these until they are covered in stains from many fun dinner parties.

Overall, despite the frustrations, it wasn't a horrible project. I'd do it again, especially if I found a cute thrift store chair on the cheap. I played with the corners quite a bit to get them pleated the way I wanted, and for the most part they turned out ok. I will never pay this much for fabric again, though. I kind of got suckered into that one.

Anyways, that's my latest half-finished project. I think I may cutefy our mailbox next. It is also looking exhausted.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Supper

If you want to make your house smell homey and wonderful, roast a chicken on a Sunday afternoon. Specifically, roast a chicken using this recipe. I think it's pretty arrogant of any chef to refer to their own recipe as the 'perfect' version of anything, but in this case, Ina is right. Follow the instructions and it turns out perfectly.

My only beef is the cooking time instructions - roast until the juices run clear. I can never really figure that out, and I lose a lot of juiciness in the chicken checking to see if it's done. Since a chicken needs to reach 165 degrees to be safe to eat, I roast until it's 155 degrees, pull it out, cover it in foil and 10 minutes later it's at 165. If you wait until it's 165 degrees to pull it out, it will be dry.

I always throw extra onions on the bottom of the pan and they are heavenly. Throw them over a salad with some blue cheese and balsamic vinaigrette and you're in business. I skip the gravy - it doesn't need it. I also skip the carrots and fennel since Brad won't eat them and roast some butternut squash instead.

I'm enjoying some quiet time in the house while Charlie and Brad nap. It's rainy outside, so feels very cozy around here. Wish it was a bit chillier, I'd turn on the fire.

Yesterday was beautiful. I got my hair cut and colored in the morning and so Brad and Charlie were left to their own devices. They went to Panera for breakfast and Brad got Charlie the cinnamon crunch bagel. Charlie kept referring to it as a 'cookie' and asking for MOOOO (more).

Afterwards they walked around the outdoor mall, where a nice couple let Charlie take the leash and walk their terrier. In the sporting goods store, Charlie had a great time trying on the lacrosse helmets and checking out the baseball bats. He was absolutely exhausted when he got home and took a super long nap.

Last night Brad and I had a babysitter, who Charlie was NOT happy to see, and went out to dinner at Flemings. It was packed, so we sat at the bar and had a great time. We ordered some of the most incredible oysters I think I've ever had - they were so fresh, from Chincoteague Island, Virginia. We went there once for a weekend, to celebrate my friend Lakshmy's birthday and see the wild horses. Naturally we rehashed the trip over dinner.

Not a whole bunch else going on. Brad's had to work a bunch this weekend. I managed to get my weeks confused and miss Charlie's 2 year well visit this week, so I have to reschedule. I hope it doesn't take too long to get in. Our office quit doing reminder calls, which is basically the only way I remember to be anywhere for anything.

Yeah, so that's basically what's going on with us over here. The chicken smells so good by now I'm about to lose my mind! How will I make it another hour???

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charlie's 2nd Year

You know how I love a photo montage, like the one I did for Charlie's first birthday. Here's a compilation of photos from the past year. Enjoy!