Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Night Hodgepodge

Random thoughts, in bullet form:
  • We are running a special on meltdowns here at the Spooner house right now. Buy one, get 15 free! I've had a draft post on the onset of the terrible twos, but no luck finishing it just yet. What is there to say really? They're here. They stink. We had to leave Romp n' Roll after 10 minutes today. So I guess they now officially cost money, too.
  • We're leaving for Dallas tomorrow for my sister's bachelorette party this weekend. Brad is going to work the rest of the week in Dallas and then head to New Orleans for my future brother-in-law's bachelor party. Fun for all! Charlie is staying with Nana and Paw Paw in McKinney, where pancakes and swimming in their big garden tub are a certainty.
  • Snow in Dallas is of course making our departure look iffy. Take off or cancel, but please, please, please don't let us sit on the plane for several hours on end. Our portable DVD player only has a 2 hour battery.
  • Plans for the bachelorette party Saturday night include staying at Hotel Zaza, Nick & Sam's Grill for dinner, Penguin Piano Bar for the show and Teddy's Room for some dancing. Urban Oasis if there's any energy left before last call. Fun times! And best of all - sleeping in the next morning. Maybe a bubble bath too. Zaza has great tubs.
  • Brad is working insane hours right now. Like until the AM most nights. He's home until we leave for Dallas, which is nice - Charlie and I visit him in the room he's working periodically and we were able to go out to dinner tonight. Brad is looking rather run down, though. I'll be glad when March gets here and things lighten up for him a little bit.
  • Are you on GoodReads? It's a web site where you can list the books you've read, the ones you want to read and the ones you're currently reading. There's a rating system and you can read others' reviews of books. You can also friend people to see their books. I'm trying to get my book club to join. I've gotten great book ideas from my sister and some of her friends. If you join, please friend me!
  • Speaking of books, I'm halfway through Under the Dome by Stephen King. It's a page turner, but I'm losing steam. It's also too large a book to haul around to waiting rooms and other places where I actually have time to read.
  • I just finished The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. What a fascinating book. I'm not usually one for nonfiction since I love the fantasy and adventure and escapism of fiction. But this is an amazing book with an amazing story. Please read it.
  • My book club has picked Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother for this month. The library doesn't have my copy ready for me yet so I haven't started it. I understand I'll want to punch this woman after I read it. Stay tuned.
  • I'm trying not to talk about my back, but I saw my regular doctor today and formulated a game plan of steps we're going to take to get me back in fighting mode. It was such a relief to get all my questions answered and feel like we will find something to help me. I asked about a chiropractor and he was hesitant to recommend it given my spine is curved in 2 places and I don't want to do more harm than good. I've always heard doctors are leery of chiropractors, but that does kind of make sense, so I'm going to hold off for now.
  • Also got a copy of my medical report from the orthopedist and saw that one curve in my back is 18% and the other is 25%. I thought that was interesting. Ok, I'll stop now.
  • Ringo has to go back to the vet tomorrow for his annual appointment and his eye is still messed up. He is such an expensive dog. I blame the inbreeding. Did you know Ringo is inbred? His mother and grandmother are the same dog! So are his brother and dad.
  • I'm going to attempt to recover my dining room chair seats myself once I get a strong enough staple gun. I hope they don't look like doo doo when I'm done. I'll try to remember to take pictures.
I think that's all I've got. I've got to get some work done and wake up super early tomorrow to get us all packed up for the trip before Ringo's vet appointment. It's going to be quite a day. Fortunately, my parents always have a delicious dinner and wine waiting for me when I get into town! Night night!

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