Friday, February 18, 2011

My Little Munchkin

I can't believe he's almost two. I thought the second birthday would be easier?!?! Nobody told me it would be bittersweet, too. Each month it seems like a bit of the baby departs and a little boy arrives. It would probably be sad if it wasn't so much fun. Charlie is such a hoot and the more he can talk, the more funny things come out of his mouth. He's still talking constantly - it's just that more of it is understandable now.

I guess he's used to getting praised for naming things because he's started pointing out trees and cars and birds and other things to distract me when I catch him doing something we both know he should not be doing. I may be about to flush my toy down the toilet but LOOK MOM a TREE!!

His other new favorite game is crawling up into our bed and pulling the covers up and pretending to go night-night. This is especially fun when one of the dogs is on the bed. Going night-night is hilarious.

He also loves putting on the sombrero and running around, but the outfit only works if he has some sunglasses on too. Preferably upside down. If you want to upset Charlie, try to turn the sunglasses right side up. Paws off the shades mom. I did eventually get them away from him long enough to pull the sticker off one of the lens.

We're getting ready for Charlie's birthday next weekend. My sister Meredith and possibly her boyfriend Lucas are coming down from NYC. We're having a party for Charlie's little friends (aka, our friends' kids) at the Children's Museum of Richmond. Brad's dad and stepmom are coming for dinner that night.

So much to do to get ready! Must plan and shop and cook and order and then run around like a crazy person for the things I still managed to forget. It does help keep my mind off the fact that my teeny tiny baby is turning two, which is just wrong. He's a baby! Babies aren't two!

The party has a train theme. Not Thomas necessarily, though we do admire his work quite a bit. Just choo choos in general. I'm about to order some wooden trains and things off Etsy. For some reason I only remember Etsy around Charlie's birthday. The last things I ordered were for his first birthday. I found him a cute little t-shirt that will read Choo Choo, Charlie's 2. Can't wait for that to arrive.

I ordered Charlie a bunch of gifts off of Amazon and then, because he doesn't really understand the concept anyways, gave them to him the minute they arrived in the mail. Even though I sent Brad the online receipt so he could see what we got Charlie, he didn't look at it and was instead shocked at all the boxes when he got home Friday.

I figure we stiffed the kid for Christmas because we were traveling, time to make up for it. As the one who stays home with him, I have a very vested interest in keeping Charlie entertained during the day!

So far the favorite gift is the shopping cart.... Ringo doesn't really appreciate when his squeaky toys get carted around in it, though.
We played outside a lot this week after we got home from Dallas. The weather here was amazingly beautiful! Charlie didn't want to come in from the backyard for his nap or after it got dark. I couldn't blame him. The poodles got their first major exercise in quite some time.

This weekend we had a birthday party for my friend Karen's son, who was turning 1. They have a great house for entertaining - both adults and kids. A big patio and play set in the backyard and a playroom full of toys. Charlie didn't want to leave and took an awesome long nap when we got home. It was a great party, we all had so much fun. That baby packed away his cupcake - I was impressed. He and Charlie are going to get along juuuuust fine! They will bond over their love of frosting.

Other than that we took it easy. Watched the movie Salt, which was enjoyable and totally set up for a sequel or 4. I do not understand how anyone that emaciated could perform stunts like that, but that's just me. We also watched the final episode of Lost. I've been chewing on that one for the past day. What a fascinating ending.

And then after 2 rough nights of coughing, Brad had to go to the doctor this morning - bronchitis. Travel + asthma + allergies = frequent respiratory infections the past few months. He's on meds now and hopefully on the mend. He's been working insane hours the past few weeks, but that will hopefully let up a bit towards the beginning of March.

Brad spent a lot of the weekend reading the instructions and playing with... his NEW CAMERA! It's an SLR so I'd say the photo quality on Bad Poodles is about to improve. Though I think it can only go up considering all the iPhone photos I post on here. I've just about had it with my pocket camera and it's fuzzy photos. Charlie does not stay still enough for regular camera technology. My iPhone actually takes better, though still fuzzy, shots.
Speaking of my iPhone, if you and I play Words With Friends and you're waiting on a move from me, well, it's because that app is so buggy and is locked up on my phone. I have even reinstalled it and it still won't work. I have a request in to the support team, but given how "support team requests" typically work out for me in my workplace, I'm not holding my breath. I'm having WWF withdrawals, sniff sniff.

This week we're just getting ready for the party weekend! Brad is taking a later flight out so we'll see him in the morning, which is a treat. I also have six (!) books sitting on my nightstand that I need to tackle, they are as follows:
I'm also in the very painful process of figuring out how to recover my dining room chairs. So far the chairs are winning. I'll do another post about that.

Oh - and we finally put our Christmas tree up in the attic today. Ha!

Well, this turned out to be about a lot more than the Munch! But that's about it. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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Katie said...

Too cute! So excited for your new camera (and the birthday party, of course). Have you read The Same Kind of Different As Me? Or The Art of Racing in the Rain?