Friday, February 18, 2011

Megan's Bridal Shower

I realized after I posted the bachelorette pictures that I never posted pics from Megan's bridal shower! My sister Meredith and I threw her a shower the week before Christmas at my very good friend Kristy's very cute house. The cuteness of her house was a hot topic of conversation at the shower.

I mean, how pretty is her living room? Made me want to plop down with some egg nog and belt out a Christmas carol or two. But I thought that might embarrass Megan.
As an FYI, I got the steroided-out poinsettias at Home Depot. They had unusual colors, too. Take note for next year. Or I guess 10 months from now.

We had a whopping 30 ladies attend the shower! While this translated into a majority of finger sandwiches being consumed (here and here), we only got halfway through the double decker red velvet bundt cake I got from Nothing Bundt Cakes. I guess everyone was trying to be well behaved before Christmas. It was delicious.
I promised this recipe to a bunch of people back when I should have posted this blog entry, so FINALLY here is the recipe for the Cranberry Champagne Punch. It was pretty tasty and also quite popular with my mom's bunko group last month. I can't say I really followed the proportions to a T, since you need a very large punch bowl, so I did half recipes. Still it was good.

Megan got all sorts of wonderful gifts and I got to see many of her sweet friends again. Afterwards we were all pretty pooped, had to get out of our shoes, but ate that bundt cake for about 3 more days! They're a franchise - you should try it.

Ok, I should be all caught up on wedding stuff by now. Next stop is the actual wedding weekend, which is in just a few weeks!

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