Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Megan's Bachelorette Weekend

We went to Dallas this past weekend to throw Megan a bachelorette party before she gets married - her last weekend as a single lady! Well, except for the six other weekends before she gets married. But you get the point.

Meredith and I were planning most of the party and I am happy and relieved to announce it was all a success, despite planning from out of town and having almost no idea what we were doing. It's been more than 6 years since I've lived in Dallas and bachelorette parties were quite different in my day. That statement makes me feel almost as old as going out with a bunch of 26/27 year olds until 2am did.

Charlie came along with me so he could spend the weekend with Nana and Paw Paw. Brad stayed in town until Wednesday so he could brave the flight with me and it was our most painful yet! It was AWFUL! The flight back was a bit better, but I was doing it alone, so almost as exhausting. I'm just going to stay in denial that we are flying again in a few weeks for the wedding.

Brad left Friday for the bachelor party in New Orleans and we went to Megan's house for dinner and to spend the night. We brought Charlie and my mom took him home that night for the rest of the weekend. It was so cute - he finally started saying Megan's name! He calls her "Meggie" but it sounds a bit like "Monkey."

Megan and I were debating something about the lasagna in the oven and I could hear Charlie saying something over and over again as he stood by us and by the 5th or 6th time realized he was calling Megan by her name! So exciting! He didn't want her to talk about lasagna, he wanted her to pay attention to him! We've been working on that one for a while. He's had Bruce's name down pat since Christmas.

After some Guitar Hero and dinner, Charlie headed home with my mom. It is always so hard to say bye to him. Especially when he's being so stinking cute.
Saturday morning we got up and had brunch in the courtyard at Breadwinners. Yum! We went by the bridal shop to pick up the bridesmaid and junior bridesmaid dresses. And then we went to a psychic! You know, just for fun, except 4 of us got readings and she hit the nail on the head on quite a few topics so we all left a little creeped out.

I liked my reading, it was quite reassuring! I got a tarot card reading and a palm reading. I kind of think of the experience as similar to gambling - you spend the money for the entertainment value. And entertaining it was. We discussed it the rest of the weekend1

After some down time back at Megan's house, it was time to check in to the Hotel Zaza. There were six of us and we had a suite with an extra room. I wasn't prepared for how awesome it was going to be - it was HUGE! Dining room, living room, kitchen, 2.5 baths, big balcony. It was fantastic. We felt quite spoiled.

We got ready for the party and set up drinks and food. Brad stays at the Zaza almost every week he's in Dallas for work and had talked to them about delivering some champagne and strawberries, which was so sweet. They showed up at the beginning of the shower and Meredith popped one open. Very fun.

Megan got lots of cute lingerie and we named each outfit. She's going to put them in envelopes and let Bruce pick based on the name each night of their honeymoon. I did something similar - have no idea where I heard about it from. But the girls seemed to have a good time naming everything. I'd say the naughtiest outfit came from my MOM!! Funny.

Dinner was at Nick & Sam's Grill, which was awesome. They had a big table for us, the service and food was awesome and they even separated all the checks without being asked. I left a huge tip, I was just so grateful I didn't have to spend half an hour figuring out the bill.

After dinner we hit up Penguin Dueling Piano bar, where we had some sofas reserved. It was dead when we got there at 9, but packed an hour later. Go figure. Megan got up on stage for a little dance to All the Single Ladies. It was a hoot!
After the piano bar, we made it to Teddy's Room and Urban Oasis for dancing. I am proud to say I made it to the end of the night, even though I was wearing my very highest sexy heels. Not sure my feet will ever be the same, but I hung in there! I wish I could say the same for the pecker wand Meredith bought at Fantasy World in the West Village for Megan to carry around. It did not last long at all. Sad Mer.
Overall I am feeling quite good about the whole thing because everyone seemed to have a great time and Megan had a blast and was so happy. That was my number one priority, that the bride have a great time. And that I was able to function the next day. Mission accomplished on both counts. I didn't feel great, but gosh darnit, I survived.
Charlie and I got back in town yesterday evening after another superfun flight. At least it's shorter flying East. When we got back to the house I couldn't find Ringo anywhere and was in a huge panic, thinking something had happened to him.

Turns out he'd figured out how to lock himself in the powder bathroom sometime between the last dog walker's visit and us getting home. After the panic died down, I just had to shake my head.

So now we're at a 6 week countdown until the wedding! Megan of course has tons to do and a bridal shower in her fiance's hometown next weekend. I need to get my bridesmaid dress altered and finalize Charlie's wedding attire - he is the ring bearer.

I think I may get a tie made for him in a fabric that coordinates with the bridesmaid dresses. I'm trying to convince Brad that I should get one made for him, too, so that he and Charlie match. Brad gave me a very skeptical look when I brought this up. Sometimes he has no imagination! Doesn't that sound cute??

Anyways, a great weekend with a great group of girls. So glad it was a success. Have I said that yet??? We love you Megan!!


Bruce said...

AWWWW KK! Last weekend was truly a blast! I keep reliving it in my head over and over. All my friends had the best time and I will never ever forget that weekend. I have the best sisters ever! To top it off - Charlie said my name, which is something I've been begging him to do for the past year. That made my weekend complete! Love you so much!!!

Bruce said...

Crap - I'm some how signed in under Bruce's name - TO CLARIFY - this is Megan :)