Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Our sweet baby boy turned two this weekend! And he seemed to have a wonderful time. So much fun that he is still sleeping it off. Though it is grey and rainy outside right now - prime napping weather - so can you blame him?

My sister Meredith came down from New York to celebrate with us and it was so much fun having her here. She loves to play with Charlie and have little conversations with him. He calls her Mimi. She was also a huge help with the party and dinner that night and took lots of photos. At the last minute she decided to stay until Monday morning so we could stay up and watch the Oscars together. We ordered pizza, drank wine and judged the celebs. Good times.

Saturday morning was Charlie's birthday party at the Children's museum. He had so much fun there. We had cupcakes and Chick fil A chicken biscuits and juice boxes. The kids rode the train, played with the parachute and enjoyed the museum.
Charlie even rode the train by himself with his very good friend Ben. They talked and waved from their train car - it was so cute!
Brad tried out his new camera while we were there and a few of the pictures turned out, which I need to get on my computer and load on the blog. He's still learning and I realized I have a lot to learn before I can use it. I think he had fun shooting pictures of all the kids, though. Moving targets! A challenge!

My mother-in-law, Sue, made the invitations, goodie bags and cupcake toppers in a train theme and they were soooooo cute. I'm so lucky to have her - I could have never pulled off anything nearly as cute if left to my own devices.
After the party, we headed home for a nap and then Papa, Didi and Aunt Clare over for dinner that night. They drove in from Williamsburg and Charlottesville to be here for it, which was so nice. Charlie was excited to see them and even told his Aunt Clare 'Love You!' when she was leaving! I've only heard him say that once before, to Brad when I prompted him.

We had this incredible spinach artichoke dip from Cooking Light (SO GOOD), and the seafood lasagna I've posted before, which didn't turn out as well as the first time I made it. Maybe because I made it the day before? It was a tad runny. And then the Barefoot Contessa's coconut cupcakes - there is nothing Cooking Light about those.

We had a really great time! Charlie opened his gifts and even blew out his two candles on his cupcake when we sang to him! I guess he figured it out since the party in the morning where he just kind of stared at the cupcake, kind of confused. Charlie got a lot of neat gifts - trucks and books and cars to play with. And a Mr. Potato Head from Aunt Mimi, which he loves! My sister Megan sent personalized placemats with family pictures on them - so cute!

Sunday morning, Charlie's actual birthday, we got up and went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast so we could have Charlie's favorite food - pancakes! He ate a TON of them. They messed up his order and brought him pecan pancakes, but he either didn't notice or liked them because he dug in and told his daddy No No N0 don't pull his plate away because he's not done yet.
A little while after breakfast, Charlie was ready to go to bed - just too tired from all the action the day before. He took a long nap and then woke up and played with Mimi and had pizza for dinner - another favorite food. I gave him a leftover cupcake for dessert and he made a huge mess eating it. Mimi told him at one point that she was going to take his cupcake and eat it and he said NO NO Mimi, is MINE! Let the 2 year old behavior begin!

Overall, it was a great weekend and so busy that I couldn't really get all sniffly that he's reached the age of two. I think despite its bad reputation, two is going to be a really fun age. We are so blessed to have such a loving, sweet, fun little boy! Happy Birthday Charlie!

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