Monday, January 10, 2011

Veterinary Trauma

Tonight I went where no Spooner has gone before. I attempted to Charlie-wrangle and poodle-wrangle at the vet. Brad and I have managed to divide and conquer each vet visit since Charlie was born, but Brad's out of town and Ringo's had a goopy eye for almost a week, so it was getting urgent.

Getting Charlie and Ringo in and out of the car when neither wanted to was my first headache. Once we were inside the vet's office it was mayhem trying to keep them both out of of trouble. So many things to knock over and check out! At least Ringo was on a leash. I kind of wished Charlie was too. In fact...

Parents I have judged in the past for putting your toddlers on those leash things: I've been meaning to apologize ever since our Christmas flights and almost losing Charlie in Nordstrom. I get it now. Sorry I was so silently snotty towards you.

Anyways. When we walked in, there was a woman checking out who had a grayish black standard poodle. Charlie got all excited, walked over to pet the dog and say hi. The dog and her owner were very pleasant and then said good-bye and walked towards the door.... and Charlie burst into tears.

A huge sobbing fit. I'm not sure if he just really got attached quickly or got confused and thought the dog was Zoe. Either way, there were real tears and he was inconsolable for a good 5 minutes.

Once we were in the examination room, the vet tech came in to get Ringo to take vitals and weigh him..... and the sobbing started all over again. Charlie seemed certain Ringo was being taken away for good.

I tried to distract him by looking at the bulletin board of dog pictures, which seemed to work only because there was a picture of a Shih Tzu that Charlie was just sure was my mom's dog, Odie. The one he named his favorite stuffed animal (a deer) after.

After a very long-feeling appointment of the vet talking to Charlie, talking to Ringo, talking to me, Charlie talking to anyone and trying to steal the vet's instruments/eat Ringo's dog treat and Ringo trying to crawl into a hole in the floor, we were able to go.... just in time to see two more poodles in the waiting room.

Oh Mercy. They were white. At least Charlie realized they weren't Ringo. He got a little upset when they left, just a few tears, and kept asking where the puppies went. This continued until he started screaming that he didn't want to be put in his car seat. And Ringo didn't want to get in the car either.

Collectively, that's almost 80 pounds of not wanting to get in the car. However, I outweighed them in my desire to get home to the chardonnay I had chilling in the fridge.

So this is what it took to get a conjunctivitis diagnosis and some eye drops. The vet, who loved Charlie, said to bring him next time because they all had so much fun with him. Only if I can leave them and come back later.

And incidentally, the chardonnay wine cube they sell at Target = delish. You should try it.

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