Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Morning

I'm sitting here enjoying the one hour of peace and quiet I get during the week. At least, the hour where I don't feel guilty if I'm not getting work done or cleaning up or cooking something for later. Brad and Charlie are at Romp n' Roll. Ahhhhhh.

Charlie and I had a pretty fun week while Brad was out of town working ridiculous hours again. Like "until 4 am" type hours. We went to Williamsburg for one night to visit my in-laws and had a really good time. It was pretty low key, just played around, worked some on Charlie's birthday party invitations, which Sue is making, and read my book.

I hit up the Hanna Andersson outlet there and to my delight, everything was an extra 20% off! On top of the sale price, that made for some pretty good deals, so I went a tad crazy. Also managed to forget that I had a box coming from Crazy 8 with the stuff I bought with my Crazy Cash. Oops. Charlie will be well dressed this spring.

I've also been planning and getting ready for my sister Megan's bachelorette party in Dallas in a couple of weeks. I think it's going to be really fun if I do say so myself. We're hitting up a piano bar on Cedar Springs and going dancing. Since we're staying at Hotel Zaza, we may visit the Urban Oasis too, which has to be the most hysterical name for a bar I've ever heard. Oh Dallas, you and your big city inferiority complex just kill me.

I think bachelorette parties are a good time to hit up places you wouldn't normally go. And get all dressed up. I ordered this very cute black dress from Victoria's Secret and it arrived yesterday. I'm going to have to size up because it is literally the most unforgiving dress I have ever put on. Hopefully sizing up will work, otherwise I need to figure something else out pronto. Brad tried to convince me it looked fine and is just 'form fitting'. Nice try Brad, but no.

That's about all that's going on here. Brad is exhausted from his week, so we're taking it easy this weekend. I have to admit, my back pain is kind of running my life right now, which stinks. I'm tired a lot during the day because it wakes me up at night. I'm really anxious to get started with physical therapy on Monday and get my MRI on Tuesday. Hopefully relief is right around the corner. Dare I say it, I'm really starting to miss working out.

Later today I'm going to see Black Swan with a friend and probably need to go to the grocery store. Making a Cooking Light baked ziti tonight for dinner and getting the goods to make some other Cooking Light recipes this week.

I also have book club this week, which is at a fun wine bar I've been wanting to go to. I'm hoping my wine drinking skills make up for the fact I did not read the book. In fact, I can't even remember the title of the book - it's the same author that wrote Fried Green Tomatoes. I wasn't there when they picked it and just remember thinking it didn't sound nearly as interesting as the other books I have in my stack, which are:
I never did finish Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness, despite trying 3 times to get into it. Maybe another time. For some reason it didn't pull me in like the first two in the series did. Oh well, best not to force it. Moving on.

I've also been planning Charlie's 2nd birthday party, which is going to be at the Children's Museum of Richmond. They do some games targeted to the age group and all the kids get free admission for the day. We're doing a train theme and the invitations Sue is making are so cute! My next project is finding an appropriately cute cake and figuring out what else to serve at 10am. Coffee for the parents is feeling like a no-brainer.

Speaking of coffee, I've been pondering getting the Keurig single cup coffee maker. Since it's just me during the week and I usually only want one cup, it's been overkill to make even half a pot. We had some at Brad's aunt and uncle's house in Little Rock over Christmas and it was delicious. I've heard the coffee quality depends on what pods you buy, though. Must investigate.

I guess that's about it. My solitary Mommy time is about up. Oh Saturday mornings, I love you.

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Soña said...

Love the Keurig. I prefer Green Mountain Vermont Country Blend for my every day coffee. It's pretty mild. But Kona is great and the Paul Newman's Special Bold is also really good. I've been disappointed in all coffee house/donut house/ Dunkin Donut blends I've tried but it may be that I just don't like donut coffee.