Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pure Mayhem

I came back from the movies today and my house was covered in (thankfully washable) Crayola marker. I walked in the door and there was marker on the floor and Charlie's table. No big deal, a wet paper towel will take care of that. I also heard bath water running.

When I got upstairs I noticed the marker was all over the hallway wall, the sisal runner and the grass cloth wallpaper. Eeek. Apparently Brad had gone in search of allergy medicine when he had a sneezing attack and over the course of a couple of minutes, our upstairs hallway was redecorated with abstract art!

Unfortunately, just like when Charlie covered his face in Sharpie, I was a little too panicked to stop and take pictures. I just had to make sure it would all come out. Something tells me this will not be the last of these little "incidents" so I will hopefully calm down a bit and get some pictures to laugh at later.

There are still faint lines on the wallpaper and rug, but the markers came off the wall very easily. Charlie's bath water was kind of grey-brownish after it all rinsed off of him. Brad can't wait until I want to go see another afternoon movie!

Up until today, Charlie couldn't take the caps off the markers himself. Lesson learned and the markers are going to be disappearing for a few months. We'll stick to crayons, which I can report come off of hardwoods floors with the help of a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

The movie was fun, though. It was Black Swan, which was really enjoyable. So suspenseful! I had to go to the bathroom so bad by the last half hour but couldn't bring myself to leave. That's rare for me. I just really had to see how it turned out.

Charlie's in bed and the house is destroyed. We are recovering. I made that baked ziti and it looks delicious, but I had too much popcorn at the movie and now my stomach is upset. Bleck. Tonight's Netflix choices are Lost, Dexter and Salt. What to choose? As long as the markers are safely hidden from Charlie, I don't think I care.

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