Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Guess Whose Back

My back!

That's a bad joke, isn't it? My mom used to say that periodically when she would come up and pat your back. She's so punny.

So anyways, don't get too excited, but this is me in a paper robe. These are pictures of my scoliosis, which has been bothering be off and on since I was 8 months pregnant and Baby Cullen started kicking my ribs and pressing against my spine.

Lately though, I've had some bad back pain, so I'm starting physical therapy and getting a 'just in case' MRI next week. Fortunately, I don't have to go into the tube for the MRI. They now have MRI machines (even in Richmond!) where you can sit and have your lumbar scanned while you watch TV. Ahhh modern medicine. I hope I can watch the Food Network!
Those are my lower back, which is where the curve is. I didn't find out as a kid, like most people do. I found out when I was 22 and just out of college. I traveled for my job a lot and one night decided to get a massage in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The masseuse was very bothered by my back and kept saying something wasn't right and at the end told me to see a chiropractor. I found one in Dallas and he did x-rays and that's how I found out. It never really bothered me until I had a baby. Hopefully after the physical therapy it won't bother me again for a while. I just thought the pictures were kind of crazy.

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Lindsay said...

Weird - I found scoliosis after college too. After having JTC, I get periodic by crazy-bad back pain. I got a very similar x-ray (no pics, sadly) as a baseline, but I have never gone back to measure change. Add it to the list after sinus surgery!

Hope the therapy helps!