Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back to Reality

Well, we extended the holidays as long as we could - almost mid-January. After we got back from New Orleans, we went to Williamsburg last weekend to celebrate Christmas with family there. And now, here it is, January 16 and I still have a fully decorated Christmas tree standing and a bunch of dead greenery on my mantel. I did manage to take the stockings down.

This is our first weekend in a while to not really have anything to do.... and Brad has to spend a bunch of it working. I kind of liked it last night - I had complete control of the remote and a very enjoyable chardonnay. I flipped between that movie Rock Star and some show on HGTV about ridiculously expensive RV's. It's an exciting life, what can I say.

Tonight there was football on, so no remote for me. I started my new book I just checked out - Under the Dome by Stephen King. 100 pages in and I'm hooked. Hope there's stamina to keep me going for 971 more pages. He's a very gifted writer, so I'll just assume there was no way to tell this story more succinctly.

Today felt kind of long because Charlie didn't really nap. He's been doing that periodically - laying down and talking to himself for an hour or so and then wanting to get back up. It's got me in a white-hot panic to be honest. I am not ready for this child to give up his nap.

After I got home from my errands, I wore him out. Ran him around the park, walked him home, ran him around the back yard. And then fed him a ton of pasta for dinner. Hopefully that will do the trick until a decent hour in the morning.

The crowds at the gym are making it entirely too easy to skip workouts. I feel so whiny - I just don't want to go and deal with all these people! Spin class is all booked up way ahead of time, which is annoying too. I think I'll start my New Year's resolutions in February to give the crowds time to die down.

So apart from not napping, not working out and cooking more, I'm just trying to get caught up and back on track with everything after a month of crazy. So many annoying administrative duties. An entire bedroom full of crap that needs to go up to the attic, which desperately needs to be organized. And a bunch of baby clothes I want to consign but can't find anywhere to consign. Apparently every other Mom has the same idea. At this point I'll consider it an accomplishment to just get the dang Christmas tree down.

But there's some fun stuff going on too! Meredith and I are busy planning Megan's bachelorette party and I'm about to start planning Charlie's 2nd birthday party! I can't believe my baby is about to be 2. Every mother says that, doesn't she? I'll continue to be unique and go ahead and declare trains to be the theme of this year's birthday party. Quel original, I know. I'll spare you the description of the theme of the bachelorette party. :)

Well, time for this girl to go to sleep. Brad's still working, so Starbucks will be in order in the morning! Good night!

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